Enjoy Weasel Coffee in Da Lat on Vietnam Central Highland

Dalat City

Dalat is a romantic city in Central highland Vietnam, about 300 km from Ho Chi Minh city.  It is named “Little Paris in Vietnam” for its cold weather and French style architectures. The city is very famous with its year-round fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. Annual Dalat flower festival is now one of the most popular tourism events in Vietnam as well as in the South East Asia region. Along with Dalat’s beautiful locations and culture highlights, weasel coffee is a new and interesting attraction of this historical highland of Langbiang.

Dalat Weasel CoffeeOn a farm more than 2.4 hectares in total area, coffee lovers can observe the progress of producing Vietnam’s famous weasel coffee and enjoy its perfect flavor. Mocha- Cau Dat coffee in Da Lat is used in clean process to make Dalat weasel coffee. The coffee is made afters eat ripe coffee beans, which are the collected from the weasel’s dung and carefully washed, dried and packed. Tourists can experience the sophisticated process of making weasel coffee and experience the unique flavor of the perfect beverage.

You are invited to participate the upcoming Flower Festival 2015-2016 as well to enjoy weasel coffee in Da Lat city (Lam Dong province) on Vietnam‘s Central Highland.