Top USA cities on New Years Eve 2018

Best US cities NYE

Celebration is a very important part of our lives. Everyone loves to celebrate their favourite occasion with their friends or family members. One of the most popular festivals that can bring happiness, good fortune and lots of possibility in everyone’s life is the New Year’s Eve 2018. People make plans for this day to celebrate it and to make it a remarkable day of their lives. Grand arrangements, beautiful ambience, dazzling firework shows and delicious foods you can have everything in 2018 New Year’s Eve party. Every city of US makes huge arrangement to celebrate this beautiful occasion. Here is a list of top cities in USA that celebrate New Year’s Eve hugely (See also top cities for NYE fireworks)

NYE Celebrations over US cities

New York City

New York City is the ultimate place for celebrating New Year’s Eve.  From many years, it has managed to organize one of the best parties on this special occasion. People from every corner of the world come to visit the tacky Times Square. To witness the most popular countdown show. Thousands of people gather there to count every second until the big ball drops on the ground. With every possible thing, you will certainly find great entertainment on the streets of New York. You can take your family to the Bronx Zoo to have fun of the holiday lights. However, if you are interested to dance with your friends then visit the hot clubs of downtown or midtown. Well, among other clubs or disco, Savannah is the most popular one. It is situated at the heart of the city. You can watch the sparkling fireworks show at Times Square. So visit New York and have the best NYC new year’s eve of your life.

Los Angeles

If you are in US during New Year’s Eve, you should definitely visit Los Angeles to witness some awesome parties. This big city will mesmerize you with its beauty, stunning environment, warm weather and obviously the grand parties. You will get a range of entertainment choices in this city. It is the ultimate place for dancing, boozing and partying with friends. You will get a chance to play casino games. In fact there will be some themed ballroom for the guests. If you love beach parties, then Los Angeles can amaze you. You should definitely visit the Pre-rose bowl gatherings that is organized Pasadena.  Actually, most of the popular beach parties are organized in the Hollywood Hills and if your luck favours you then may you can meet with some popular celebrity there (learn further New Years Eve in Hollywood ). You will get a chance to enjoy some massive street parties’ downtown L.A. a huge programme will take place there.

Las Vegas

NYE Fireworks in Las Vegas

The most romantic place of US, promise to arrange a great celebration party for this special occasion in every year. You cannot get to see such a mad crowd rather such a mad ambience anywhere in the country. Thousands of people come to this ‘sin city’ to enjoy such amazing and rocking atmosphere. You can visit the most popular Vegas strip clubs, definitely go to the Freemont Street to party on Jam packed streets. Many popular local bands perform there. In fact you can watch some excellent magic shows during New Years Eve in  Las Vegas city.

 Hotels on NYE

There are a number of hotels that provide excellent services and great facilities to their guests. To avoid any such hindrance you can book hotels little earlier for your holiday in US on New Years Eve 2018.