Top 6 Cities for 2018 New Year Parties

New Years Eve is quick approaching and you will want to find best place to share this unique time with your loved ones during countdown parties. There are so many remarkable places in the globe to visit for this celebration. Read further for just a few ideas.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

New Years Eve Party in Edindurgh

1000s arrive here for the yearly Hoganay celebration, which means a celebration of the end day of the year. You can expect to see globe-popular music acts and cultural ceilidh dancing throughout the streets. A remarkable fireworks show is set off at midnight and the party then continues on throughout the full night. (Read full article to learn more about New Years Eve in Edinburgh)

2. Sydney, Australia

NYE in Sydney

You can expect to see original smoking ceremonies, mini-light shows, a really big and beautiful fireworks show and gorgeous boat parade. A final dance party is held at Bondi Beach and there are even unique events to support the Children celebrate at Taronga Zoo. You will find many other places for New Years party in Sydney, NSW.

3. South Lake Tahoe, California

The Snow World Music Festival is linked one of the top places to see a remarkable mix of EDM artists on New Year’s Eve. You can party and dance all night, but this even provides something more. Attendees are given lift tickets so they may spend the full day skiing. Learn more about NYE in California here.

4. Paris, France

Christmas in Paris

At the Eiffel Tower, you will see a really remarkable light show and fireworks display. Anyway, most all the streets of Paris come alive with hordes of people enjoying, making the rounds of clubs and bars and having a superb time with fireworks and lots of sparkling wine. Click here to find full story of NYE in Paris.

5. London, England

NYE fireworks in London

Over 250,000 tourists crowd onto the banks of the Thames River and start the countdown to Big Ben Striking the hour of midnight when an elaborate fireworks display and light show takes off. The party generally continues full night with activities planned for the next day including 3 hour parade complete with colorful floats, marching bands, very well procession of the Queens’s horses and costumed dancers. Let’s ring the New Year in London with your greatest countdown parties.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Always the party town, over 290,000 tourists show up here to enjoy New Years Eve. Starting at 6 p.m. popular 4 mile long strip is shut to vehicle traffic and opened up to those who want to celebrate by drinking, minding, walking and watching various fireworks display. Most of the clubs, hotels, and bars will be offering unique shows and activities. Enjoy your NYE Parties in Las Vegas,