Top 6 cities in Europe for 2019 New Year Celebrations

New Years Eve can be thoroughly enjoyed at any of these locations in west provided one has arranged for accommodation beforehand. Further, many of the hotels in West arrange for a big event for 2019 New Year Celebrations along with unique offers for guests. NYE fireworks, champagnes, concerts, countdown parties and other fun alternative are available all over the Western continent of Europe.

London, UK

New Years Eve Fireworks in London

One could enjoy New Years Eve in London. The fireworks in London can be said to be one of the remarkable type in the full globe. One could also be a part of the big New Year paradise that takes place on New Year’s Day.

Berlin, Germany

New Year Fireworks in Berlin

The Berghain and Panorama Bar and Oberbaumbrucke Bridge are the 2 other options for party lovers celebrating New Year Eve in Berlin, Germany. While the former is famous for its fireworks, the latter is more of a party haven for the tech savvy with its minimalist and simple décor.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

New Years Eve in Amsterdam city

Celebrate 2016 New Years Eve in its own special manner with midnight fireworks, champagne and Oliebollen classic balls of dough, with the full action centering on the Rembrandtplein, Museumplein, and Leidseplein. Enjoy your New Year celebrations in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rome, Italy

NYE Fireworks in Rome

San Silvestro in Rome is celebrated with the big majority of Roman population flooding the Pizza del Popolo in order to witness the free of cost musical and NYE fireworks. Try once New Year in Rome to experience true Italian celebrations.

Vienna, Austria

NYE Fireworks in Vienna

New Year Eve in Austria is centered on the splendid journey, music and banquet at the schloss Schonbrunn. Among ancient cities in west, Vienna of Austria is the most attractive place for your vacations. This party atmosphere in this part of west reeks of classical as well as Strauss and Mozart ruling the musicals. Read full story of New Years Eve in Vienna.

Stockholm, Sweden

Christmas and New Year in Stockholm

The New Year and Christmas celebration in Sweden is a raucous and public contrast to the quit and private Christmas festivities. Travelers can join the crowds at Skansen, where New Year Eve has been enjoyed every year since 1895. At the stroke of midnight, a famous Swede reads Wild Bells, Tennyson Ring Out throughout the City, crowds fill the decorated streets, feasting on seafood at different restaurants and moving from one bar or club to another. At the stroke of midnight, party trumpets and streamers accompany the sound of fireworks.