Top 5 Cities for 2017 Christmas in Europe

There are many destinations for New Year holidays and Christmas in Europe. Below is the list of 5 cities that you should spend your Christmas season there at least once.

1. Paris (France)

Christmas Holiday in Paris, France

Christmas and New Year should be the most beautiful time of year to be in Paris – capital city of France. The City of Light dazzles with festive holiday illuminations, choirs, concerts, and events to delight everyone, young and old alike. Check out the celebrating programs of Christmas in Paris.

2. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam Christmas

Christmas and NYE in Amsterdam (capital city of Holland) are truly a season of celebrations, whether or not you celebrate the day itself in its traditional, religious sense. Learn what to do in Amsterdam on Christmas holiday.

3.  Rome (Italy)

Christmas in Rome

Rome is a great place to visit at Christmas. Unlike New York where it is full of glitz and glamor, Christmas time in Rome, focuses on the religious festivities and the real meaning behind Christmas. Read full article on Christmas in Rome here.

4. London (England)

London Christmas

London (the capital city of United Kingdom) acquires a special sparkle around Christmas holiday. The weather is frosty, the Christmas lights are twinkling, and shoppers line the streets. Learn more about celebrating Christmas in London, UK.

5. Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Christmas

Berlin (capital city of Germany) shines in a festive blaze of lights every year in the period from Christmas until New Years Eve. There are more than 50 Christmas markets to wander around and enjoy. Keep reading to understand the Christmas celebrations in Berlin city.

Hotels for Christmas in Europe

If you are planning to spend your Christmas holiday in Europe, early hotel booking is highly recommended to avoid last minute disappointment.