Top 10 most possible winners of Miss Universe 2013

Miss US - most potential for MU 2013

This is the latest prediction for final crowing title of the on-going pageant in Moscow Russia. Below is the  list of 10 the most potential candidates for the winner of Miss Universe 2013 . Keep in your mind that this just a forcast based on the performances of all  contestants so far. Actually on the contestants have same chance for the highest rank of Miss Universe 2013.  Enjoy guessing yourself and now waiting for Miss Universe 2014 soon coming.

Miss USA – Erin Brady

Miss Universe USA

Miss Venezuela – Gabriela Isler

Miss Venezuela

Miss Spain– Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

Miss Spain

Miss Poland – Paulina Krupinska

Miss Poland

Miss Ukraine – Olga Storozhenko

Miss Uncraine

Miss Turkey-Berrin Kekliker

Miss Turkey

Miss Puerto Rico – Monic Perez

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Philippines – Ariella Arida

Miss Philipines

Miss Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira

Miss Brazil

Miss Israel – Titi Yitayish Ayanaw

Miss Israel