Traditions of New Years Eve 2018 in Tokyo

Tokyo NYE

The celebrations on the new year’s eve in Japan is similar to New Year and Christmas celebrations in the West where everyone gather together during the holidays. Its time for family reunion for many people who choose to go back to their native towns to celebrate the holidays along with their family members. Most offices would be closed during these days and there is festive atmosphere everywhere throughout the country. The New Years Eve 2017 in Tokyo is a grand affair.

Ringing of Temple Bells

Japan has its own traditions when it comes to new year celebrations and on New Years Eve in Tokyo, at midnight, the temple bell is rung for 108 times across all Buddhist temples. This number of 108 has a special significance in the tradition of Buddhist temples where it is believed that there are 108 sins of human beings. It is said that when the bell rings for 108 times, it will help people to relieve their sins and worldly desires and progress in life.

Japan is also known for its traditional practices during the new year. One such tradition observed on the new year is to watch the first sunrise of the year known as Hatsuhinode. People from across the country participate in this ritual and many people climb on top of mountains or go to the nearest beaches to get the best view of the sunrise on this occasion. People also have the tradition of visiting the temple on this day and this tradition is called Hatsumode. Many people start visiting the temples from midnight itself and this goes on till the evening of the new year day.

Christmas in Tokyo

Many people gather to watch the NYE television program which telecasts the ringing of bells from midnight in various Buddhist temples across Japan. Along with these, various other cultural programs are held and the traditional dance and the mixed martial arts competitions are the favorite of Japanese people. The NYE in Tokyo calls for a grand feast called the Osechi-Riyari. People also distribute the new year greeting cards known as Nengajo on this day.

Accommodations on NYE

If you are arranging to spend New Years Eve and Christmas in Tokyo, early hotel booking is highly recommended. In order to choose a great place for celebrations and enjoy the best price, you should regularly check out the full list of Tokyo accommodations on leading booking websites. Most booked hotels and resorts for NYE in Tokyo are:

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