The Eighth Hue Festival 2014

Hue Festival 2014 poster

Newly announced poster of Hue Festival 2014

Hue is the last imperial capital in Vietnam. The 8th Festival in Hue – Vietnam will be held in April 2014. The theme of Hue Festival 2014 is “Integration and development for culture heritage”. About 30 art delegations and teams from 25 countries and territories will attend the events. France is confirmed to be the key partner. Aside from France, the other countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and ASEAN will participate.

The eighth Hue Festival 2014 also introduces to visitors a series of cultural activities such as Nam Giao God Offering Rituals, Royal Nights, Vietnam traditional Fashion, Oriental Nights, Traditional and Modern musical performances, folk games, puppetry, martial arts and dance performances during the festival. The festival will last for 8 days from Saturday 12 to 20 April 2014.

The next coming 9th Hue festival will be in 2018.

Hue Girls

Hotels and Accommodations for 8th Festival in Hue City

As a one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, Hue offer a full range of accommodations for you to choose from. However, during the festival holiday, the hotel shortage may happen. If you are planning your trip for Hue festival 2014, early hotel booking is extremely recommended.