Hobart’s Annual Food and Wine Fair – Taste of Tasmania

Taste of Tasmania Festival

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, hundred thousands of travellers come down on Hobart (Australia) for a week to enjoy the ‘Taste of Tasmania’ festival. The wharves, river Derwent and marina of Tasmania proffer the background for more than seventy beverage and food counters. The visitors can also see scores of stalls exhibiting arts and crafts items. At the docksides and riversides, they can also see the stage performance of the local Tasmanians.

Overview of Taste Festival of Tasmania

The Taste festival is considered as the Tasmania’s biggest fiesta that is usually held from 28th December to 3rd January. This fair is held in Salamanca and waterfront regions of Hobart. The tourism department of Hobart estimates that every year approximately 500, 000 people come to enjoy this carnival. It is organised by Hobart City Council and its main focus is on the production of the local Tasmanians. Tasmania is an epicurean paradise where persons live close both to the sea and land.  Due to temperate climate, harvest is the main source of income for the Tasmanians. Assorted types of crops are grown during the four distinct seasons in this island. The taste festival gives the chance to the local people to exhibit their harvesting skill in front of the whole world

Foods and Drinks Obtainable in Annual Fair

Most of the food and beverage stalls present the fresh Tasmanian marine foods like giant west coast crabs, blue fin tuna, scallops, oysters, salmons and so on. Other than these sea foods, the visitors can also get the chance to taste the Tasmania’s special Bricheno berries and Bruny Island cheese. The wine shops placed at the wharves and marina provide diverse types of champagne, peat-distilled malt whiskies, boutique beers and cool climate wine. The tourists can even devour dishes made of milk-fed lamb and veal and pastries crammed with unprocessed vegetables. They can procure the mouth-watering fresh jams, pickles made by the local farmers and small businessmen. The desert items available in the food and beverage stalls are made of cherries and apples grown in the local orchard of Tasmania. In this fiesta, furthermore visitants get the chance to taste other countries’ exclusive dishes prepared by the fresh ingredients of Hobart. The colorful series of events accolades this foodie paradise. In Hobart, during this fair, the travelers get the scope to attend the workshop of Tasmania’s master cook.

The holidaymakers can even experience the courageous aerial acts and drama played on the quirky street theatre performed by the Tasmanians. They can even enjoy the concerts of Australian musicians and singers. It is a paramount vantage location for the tourists who want to get pleasure of the open discotheques on the beach and river side. This festival relaxes the mind of the travelers by providing them tasty dishes and drinks on waterfront ambience.

Hotels on Tasmania Fair

In Hobart, there are loads of hotels that proffer luxurious rooms and services to their customers. Some of them are The Henry Jones Art Hotel, The Old Woolstore, Clydesdale Manor, Fountainside Hotel and many more. The tourists get various types of cuisines in these taverns such as Italian, French, Indian, Pacific Rim etc. Moreover, they are proffered with assorted sorts of contemporary wine and champagnes.

So, don’t miss the annual food and wine festival of Tasmania this year as Hobart City Council is adding some new elements in this grand feast to make it the most remarkable fair.