Taiwan Lantern Festival 2018

Taiwan Lantern Festival

Originally founded from 1990, Taiwan Lantern Festival is an annual festival organized by Taiwanese Tourism Bureau. This is one of the best festivals in the world. It is scheduled following Lunar Calendar at the conclusion of Chinese New Year (on 15th of the first month). In next coming year of 2018, the event will fall on the 11th of February.

Calendar for Taiwan Lantern Festival from 2014 – 2020




Friday February 14 2014
Thursday March 5 2015
Monday February 22 2016
Saturday February 11 2017
Friday March 2 2018
Tuesday February 19 2019
Saturday February 8 2020

Two main events of Taiwan Lantern Festival are:

  •  The Firecrackers ceremony of Wumiao Temple in Yanshui District. This is the most exciting and dangerous firework festival in the world!
  • The Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi District (see the video below)

Lantern Festival Tours

There are many tours available for you to choose for joining Taiwan Lantern Festival. The tours normally last for one week to ten days.