2018 Chinese New Year Celebrations In Sydney

Sydney Chinese New Year Celebrations

Xin Nian Kuai Le- Be A Part Of The Chinese New Year Celebrations In Sydney

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Then, you might just think of adjusting the time of your visit to witness the grand affair of 2018 Chinese New Year celebrations in the city of Sydney. Located in the continent of Australia and capital of New South Wales, Sydney is one of those countries which can easily boast of a spectacular Lunar New Year celebration.

CNY in Sydney- Significance

If any place outside the boundaries of Asia can boast of the lunar celebrations to be as grand, then it has to be Sydney. Form being confined as a celebration of a small community, Chinese New Year has become quite an impressive event of the place. Attended by about 600,000 people and witnessed by almost 36 million people all over the world, the festival has no doubt become quite a grand affair. Not only does the festivity symbolise fun, merriment and a riot of colours as usual, but also acts as a catalyst in enhancing Sydney’s trade relationship with China, estimated at an approximate amount of $10 billion dollars annually. Additionally, the festival also contributes significantly to the local economy of the place, contributing about an approximate amount of $8 million dollars earned through the influx of travelers visiting the place during this time.

Take Part in CNY Celebrations

If you are in Sydney for this Lunar Chinese New Year, then you are pretty sure in for a treat. You could head out to the George Street and witness the famed Twilight Street Parade, a speciality of the CNY celebrations in Sydney. Lanterns, lights, dragons, dancers- this is what the streets of Sydney are filled with on the occasion, bringing life to the evening and displaying a riot of colours that you are sure to love.

You could also consider heading out to the Bellmore Park and witness the evening light up with the splendid play of CNY fireworks. Like most other gala occasions, firecrackers form an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations as well. With the descent of the evening, the sky lights up with magnificent fireworks, putting an end to all the negative vibes of the previous year and welcoming another year, with all its goodness. You could also consider heading out to Dixon Street and witness the Chinese colours and thoroughfare of the all decked up Chinese New Market.

Accommodations on CNY 

As it has already been mentioned that Sydney is the only place outside the Asian domains that celebrates the CNY in such a grand and exotic manner and so the number of people flocking to the country at this time of the year increases manifold. To ensure that you enjoy the Chinese New Year in Sydney to the hilt, making prior arrangements of accommodating is quite important. There are a number of hotels, lodges and guest houses, where you could consider booking yourself. Hotels, especially those around the hot spots of Chinese celebrations have quite a bouquet of lucrative offers up their sleeve. Avail any of these and celebrate a Chinese new year with all the fun and gaiety.