Studio City: one of the best places in Macau to celebrate New Year

Macau New Years Eve Fireworks

Last year’s New Year’s Eve was a blast for the newly opened Studio City in Macau. The luxury-integrated hotel and casino held a New Year’s Eve Countdown that is similar to the one being celebrated in New York’s Time Square every year.

This year, Studio City is expected to do the same.

From early evening, the vibrant Times Square Macau turned into a huge dance floor filled with party people coming from Studio City. Live music filled the air before and after the countdown, featuring 6-mirror ball themed dancers that accompanied bands. During the event, New York-based singer Kelis, Moroccan DJ R3hab, and UK-based DJ Nikki Beatnik graced the Square. Together, the trio were able to raise the bar, in what was an exhilarating New Year Countdown in Macau.

As midnight approached, snow started falling on guests as New York City’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebration was brought to life by a huge mirror ball that began traveling its way down New York Boulevard before the final seconds of 2015. There was fireworks, thousands of balloons that rained down on onlookers, and an Auld Lang Syne in the background being sang by Kelis. It was a joyous and heartwarming experience for the guests, to say the least.

New Year was also a happy experience for the kids in Studio City. The hotel and casino establishment, after all, was constructed with kids in mind. DC comics, as well as Hanna Barbera, have an entire theme park dedicated to their characters. There’s even a Batman 4D roller coaster ride, which is the first ever officially-licensed Batman 4D ride in the whole world.

Comics and gaming have always complimented each other. In an article titled “Leave This World and Enter a Fantasy: The Influence of Comics & Cartoons on Gaming,” the author mentions the strong correlation between comics and gaming that up until now are being used as the basis of many forms of entertainment. Studio City is proof that comics and gaming will always be a huge hit because they cater to all age groups. After all, superheroes and video games are loved by a wide range of demographics are have proved to be a real money-spinner for resorts over the years.

Watch out for future announcements from Studio City about this year’s New Year’s Eve Countdown! There are no lineup announcements yet for activities this year’s but there should be at the start of December.

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(image credit: Pixabay)