History and celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day

Haapy St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17th every year. It is also known as the ‘The Day of the festival of Patrick’ as per Irish heritage. It is a cultural, as well as, a religious event which is held on Saint Patrick’s death date. He was born in 385 AD in a wealthy family. His father was a famous deacon. As per the information from the ‘Declaration’, he was kidnapped at the age of sixteen by raiders from Ireland.

He spent almost six years as a shepherd in the lands of Ireland when he found and embraced God. He got a message from the Almighty. He fled to the coast as per the guidance of God and escaped to his land via a ship. He found enlightenment and became a priest.

After few years, Patrick returned where he was enslaved. He, in Ireland, brought Christianity to the pagan worshippers. He converted the nature worshipper to Christians and spent many years in Northern Ireland. St. Patrick gave huge efforts to drive the druids away which eventually became an allegory which depicts as the one who drove snakes away from Ireland.

Celebrations in St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick used shamrocks to symbolize ‘Trinity’ which means the union of The Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. His teachings showed the worshippers how the three different entities can be united into one. As time passed, his followers started wearing the shamrocks in his honor and remembering the concept of Trinity when they went to the church to pray. Wearing green is the ultimate tradition to honor the great priest who brought Christianity to Ireland. The Festive day symbolizes green outfit which depicts prosperity of flora and spring. The festival is also celebrated to represent Ireland.

The Americans spend almost $ 5 billion every year on this auspicious day to remember the goodness of the priest. Everyone dresses green to symbolize life and spring. The important roads are full of people with varieties of displays going around. This day, everyone arranges a feast with the loved ones. Eating together with families and friends is a great tradition that is observed in North America, Ireland and few other countries. The festival has gained huge importance since the 18th century.

Eating traditional Irish food and wearing green attires are the most fun part of the celebration. Drinking is also common on this day. It is also considered as a national holiday in the USA. The streets are full of green attired people who watch the parades organized locally. Dance troupes, gymnasts, marching bands, musicians and other artists display their charismatic performance to the audience to entertain them. The brightly colored costumes make the ambiance happier and ecstatic.


This day, everyone gets together with the loved ones and enjoy eating and drinking. The parades, feasts, and pubs make the day a memorable one in the year. Statistically, this day witnesses the highest consumption of alcohol. If you are not a pub guy then you can have your own good time by arranging a party at home with St. Patrick’s theme. No matter what, everyone finds a way or two to celebrate the big day.