Discover Sorrento on New Years Eve 2018

New Years Eve in Sorrento

Have you ever visited Sorrento – a town overlooking the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. Nowadays, the beautiful town becomes one of most popular destinations for spending New Years Eve 2018 in Europe.

NYE Celebrations

In Sorrento, New Year’s arrival is celebrated with fireworks and toasts of good wishes. Many are the hotels and the restaurants in Sorrento that will organize parties and New Year’s Eve suppers.

The farewell to the Old Year and the contemporaneous New Year’s arrival in Sorrento is welcome by fireworks and by the lighting of the so called “ciuccio di fuoco” (representation of a handicraft donkey made of fabric with chaff and fireworks inside which ideally represents the Old Year and at midnight is set on fire and fireworks. The “ritual” also stands as possible bad memories or happenings symbolically set on fire, meaning gone vanished.

This is why soon after midnight a large number of people is found in the streets to making toasts and welcoming the New Year’s arrival in Sorrento in an atmosphere of cheerful joy, which makes the party unforgettable.

They are traditions, which have been renewing for a largest number of years, together with the song to welcome, just so, the new year, toasts of good wishes and much more.

Therefore, not only for this, New Year’s Day in Sorrento has a particular, suggestive charm and it is always full of go of life and euphoria.

Accommodations on NYE

The hotels in Sorrento, which are open, organize New Years Eve dinners and parties, able to make the stay of those who choose to spend their New Year holidays in Sorrento unforgettable. Most booked hotels on NYE are listed below:

  • Antiche Mura Hotel
  • Hotel Atlantic Palace
  • Hotel Prestige Sorrento
  • Maison La Minervetta
  • Villa Oriana Relais
  • Grand Hotel Ambasciatori
  • Grand Hotel De La Ville Sorrento
  • Grand Hotel La Favorita
  • Boutique Hotel Helios
  • Bellevue Syrene
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

 Bars & Restaurants

Otherwise, always for parties and New Year’s Eve suppers and dinners, one can reserve tables or groups at one of the restaurants of Sorrento or some of the discotheques of Sorrento. Below is the list of top 10 restaurants.

  • Kebab Ciampa
  • PortaMarina Seafood
  • Ristorante Donna Sofia
  • Chef Squillante al Ghibli
  • Ristorante Museo Caruso
  • Ristorante O’Puledrone
  • Inn Bufalito Taverna Mediterranea
  • Grand Hotel Aminta Dafne Outdoor Restaurant A la Carte
  • La cantinaccia del popolo
  • Terrazza Marziale

If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Italy, early booking is always recommended.