Enjoy Songkran Thai New Year 2018 in Thailand

Songkran celebration in Bangkok Thailand

New Year is the most popular festival that brings good fortune in everyone’s life. It is the day, when people welcome the New Year and want to start a fresh journey. It helps us to forget all the tension, worries and misunderstanding and celebrate the day with lots of pleasure and happiness. It is the time when you come close to your family and friends to spend New Year happily. Every country has different culture and different New Year. Like the others, Thailand also celebrates their New Year party on 13th April to 15th April 2018. This new year celebration is popularly known as Songkran festival.

Celebrations in Thailand on Songkran

Songkran is the traditional New Year day for the Thailand people. They celebrate this occasion for many centuries. They adapted this popular culture from the Sankranti Hindu festival. Now, it has been celebrated all over the country. Every corner of Thailand comes up with the spirit of festival in this time of the year. However, you will find the biggest celebration in the northern part of the city. In Chiang Mai, you can celebrate the festival for six long days. It is a party time for the citizen of Thailand and a reason to enjoy with their family. Every year, more than 2,000 people come to visit this place to know the culture of this country and to enjoy their festival.

The most interesting celebration of this event is the water fights. To celebrate this special day, the people of Thailand throw water upon each other. People of this place walk the street with water or water guns. They smeared water on the faces of every passerby on that day. They believe it as blessing of New Year. Sometimes they mixed menthol with water and enjoy their custom. If you are planning to visit Thailand on this special time then get ready to drench with water. Take a look on some places that you should definitely visit on the Thai New Year day in Thailand.

Thai New Year in Nakhon Si Thammarat

This is a place in the southern province of Thailand that offers a big celebration on the New Year day.  In this place, you will get to enjoy with bathing ritual of the country. You can witness the Phra Phuttha Sihing images, the incredible swing ceremony to hail Phra Siva and the procession of Nang Kradan. This is a great procession that you should definitely witness in this place. You can take your child to that place to enjoy such a big procession.

Songkran in Phuket

One of the best beach destinations of Thailand is Phuket. If you love beach parties then you should definitely visit phuket. Many visitors come there to join the procession of Phra Phuttha. There will be a lot of events and entertainment in this beach. To celebrate this water fights in Thailand you should definitely come in Phuket.

Hotels on Thai New Year Songkran

There are a lot of hotels available in Thailand. You can find reputed hotels with great facilities and amazing food in such hotels. If you are willing to visit this place then you should book hotels little earlier.