Celebrate Singapore Chinese New Year 2018

Singapore Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Singapore  is celebrated annually following lunar calendar. There are 75% of Chinese population in Singapore. Singapore has the highest concentration of Chinese apart from the main land. Thus the Chinese residing in Singapore celebrates the New Year in ethnic and traditional manner. Since Singapore is a multicultural nation therefore she encourages celebration of all culture and tradition. However Singapore is not China thus the celebration will be anything but not similar to the main land. Yet the Chinese in Singapore tries their best to celebrate the New Year 2018 on their own way.

China has an ancient history that includes numerous rituals and practices. It may not be possible for the Chinese settled in Singapore to abide by all the rules and regulation yet they try their best to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in their own unique manner.

Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore are started some weeks prior to the festival arriving. Families start to shop for Chinese new year goods, decorate their homes with traditional styles and do their spring cleaning before Lunar New Year coming. On the Lunar New Year Eve, families will get together for their reunion parties which signifies the reunion of the families. Most of Singaporean families reserve a steamboat parties for their reunion dinner.

As per national law, Singaporeans are just entitled to two days of public holidays for the Chinese New Year occasion. During these lunar new year days, families will go around paying visits to their friends or relatives. Married couples formally give red envelope to the children or younger people with lucky money inside. The red envelopes signify blessing from the adults.

During Lunar New Year occasion and Spring Festival, there will be thousands visitors coming and staying in Singapore. You are highly recommended to to book your hotels in advance. It should be better if you can find the hotels that are near the celebration areas. Check out the largest booking website now to get biggest discount for you accommodation in Singapore during Chinese Lunar New Year.