Shanghai – best place in Asia for 2018 NYE

Shanghai New Years Eve

People passionately wait for New Year’s Eve to celebrate the evening with spectacular arrangements. Different countries celebrate the day with different customs and rituals. There are many cities that follow their tradition sincerely on this day and welcome 2018 New Year with their open arms.  The young generation as well as the kids love to spend the evening by dancing, singing and boozing. Restrictions are the word that everyone forgets on that day and celebrate the evening with lights, party and the biggest attraction of the evening is fireworks show. One of the best place for utilizing your work leaves and spend the special moment with your near and dear ones is Shanghai. Chinese New Year in Shanghai is an unparallel experience that you cannot believe until you have that. Every city of China will enchant you through its majestic, magnificent beauty but Shanghai is the best place that has a distinct charm that will definitely mesmerize you.

People gather together in this time of the year and enjoy the evening despite the division of caste, creed or religion. Actually the people of China celebrate their Chinese New Year in February.  They organize the most significant parties and decorate the city in a beautiful and wonderful way. Peninsula Shanghai is the epicentre of the festivities, but the inhabitants of this place celebrate the evening all over the island. Every street of city is packed with huge crowd and some of their popular bands perform to entertain the crowd. They celebrate the entire night until sun rises in the next morning. Many celebrities come to visit this place in this time. You will be able to experience some brilliant street performances, game stalls and amazing fireworks shows all over the city.  If you want to visit such excellent programmes and enjoy the evening in their rhythm then book your tickets for the upcoming New Years Eve.

NYE Celebrations

 Shanghai spends her New Year’s Eve by some eye catching events that will definitely mesmerize you. Longhua temple is one of the best places of this city that offer some local events on this day and you will able to make wish for good fortune for next twelve months in this place. It is situated on the southwest part of the Shanghai and one of the oldest temples of this city. You will be able to ring the historic Buddhist bells on that very special day and hope for the good fortune. After the bell ringing ceremony people arrange the lion dance, amazing folk performances and great NYE midnight fireworks shows that actually enhance the beauty of the celebration. There is place named Xintiandi in Shanghai and it is remembered as a place for Chinese pop music fans. On New Year’s Eve people arrange a countdown show or a pop concert on the Taiping Lake near the place. Many celebrities come to perform or enjoy the concerts.

Hotels for NYE

Shanghai has many beautiful hotels, every big hotel offers great foods as well as superb arrangement in New Year’s Eve. Several can be listed as SSAW Hotel Shanghai, Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, Swissotel Grand Shanghai, etc. If you are planning to spend next coming New Year in Shanghai China, early hotel and flight booking are highly recommended.