2018 New Years Eve with grand celebrations in Seoul

Seoul New Years Eve

One of best destinations in Asia

New Year is the day that brings lots of happiness, love, laugh and fresh ambience everywhere. Whether you are too busy with your works or you have your crucial exams just ahead, on this very special day you will forget all these things and will be busy to respond to the call of the big celebration. It is one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in a different city of a different country, sometimes with your friend, sometimes family or may be sometimes alone searching for an unknown face in an unknown place to enjoy the celebration in a grand manner. All the metropolitan cities enjoy the day with spectacular arrangements but if you want to try something unusual this time then Seoul is the best place for you. It is the capital of South Korea and a beautiful city that has the tag of largest metropolis in the country.

The magnificent city is situated on River Han and produces an unparallel beauty that is able to win the heart of people. One of the most populous cities of South Korea having more than 25 millions of inhabitants is leading the market of commerce and finance. The sub tropical humid weather helps to provide a soothing atmosphere. The hot, savanna climate in summer and soothing, cold winter evenings make this rich city as one of the best travel destination in 2018 New Year’s Eve around Asia. With its stunning charms it will mesmerize you. It is famous for its eight mountains as well as for the sheer beauty of River Han. A tourist will be able to explore the splendid celebration on New Year’s Eve in this city.

NYE in Capital of Korea

Seoul is a nice place for spending New Year’s Eve as the Government of South Korea is also concern about this and takes a great effort to make this day a very special, memorable day for everyone. People arrange thousands of concerts, free events and most importantly the fireworks display. Such show of fireworks will amaze you; you will be able to find delicious food in the top hotels as those hotels offer special dinner tables on this day.

The best NYE fireworks show projected on the River Han. The inhabitants of this place are little traditional as they maintain some rituals on this day. They love to go to the small islands like Khoje-do or Ganghwa-do etc in order to witness the breathtaking beauty of the sunset; they spend the entire night in the island to see the first sunrise of the first day of a New Year. Ttoekkuk is the breakfast that they take in the morning. People admire this tradition and maintain it in a belief that it will bring good luck for them in the New Year. But if you want to enjoy your night with party, dance and lots of entertainments walk around the city and you will find whatever you like.

Seoul’s Times Square will be showcasing its own New Years celebrations sure to be exceptional. It’s an extensive lifestyle complex filled with a diverse assortment of entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, accommodations, a massive performance center, the world’s biggest movie screen and a number of spacious outdoor areas, the ideal place to mingle in the open air with excited NYE participants.

Accommodations on NYE

There are many big hotels in this city such as Noblesse Hotel, Ibis Ambassador and many more that offer good services as well as delicious food. If you plan to spend Christmas and NYE in the capital city of South Korea, early hotel booking is highly recommended. Remember to check out the list of Seoul accommodation with greatest discount rates on famous booking websites for your best reservation.