Enjoy Great Chinese New Year 2018 in Seoul

Seoul Chinese New Year

One of the most popular festivals of Chinese is Lunar New Year. People enjoy the day with their family and friends. If you ever come to visit Seoul -capital city of South Korea- on this very special day you will get a chance to witness some amazing atmosphere. Every corner of the city looks gorgeous with the help of the vibrant lights. People decorate the city with beautiful lights. As Chinese always like red color and they also believe that red is the color of hope and positivity so you will be able to see everything in red in this time.

There will grand parties for all the visitors. Local people of this city arrange dragon dance performances, amazing fireworks shows and many more things on this special day. Whether you are free from your work or not you should definitely manage your leave from your work to celebrate Lunar New Year. The lunar new year is also known as Seollal in this city. It is the most important day of the traditional Korean calendar. Though the origin of the culture is not clear but still some people believe that the practice of this ritual had started from 6th century. And now, several Asian countries like China, Mongolia, Vietnam celebrate the Chinese New Year.

2018 Chinese New Year (Seollal)

Once you come to visit Korea to enjoy the most awaiting Chinese New Year you will definitely get the amazing entertainment for you. Mainly, the people of this city spend the day with their family. They organize family gatherings and celebrate the day with the other members of their family. You will find many great restaurants that offer delicious foods in this time. You can visit such restaurants to have some great foods as they offer special promotion for Lunar New Year.

Food is the focal point of any celebration so it is important to arrange some great foods. You will get tteokguk in the famous restaurants as it is their signature dish. Another traditional dish that the people made on this day is called ddeok. This is a kind of soup that is made of thin beef broth and rice cakes. They also add egg, dry seaweed with it to make it more delicious. You should definitely visit Namsangol Hanok Village, a very popular spot of the city. You can get to see many madangs or activities to welcome the New Year such as calligraphy, kite making and many more things. You can also visit Korean folk village in Yongin. The village organizes a traditional ceremony to welcome the New Year. You will also be able to watch awesome dragon dance and parades in this city. Children love to celebrate the Seollal festival as they get a special gift from their parents.

Best accommodations on CNY

There are a number of hotels that are really good and reputed in Seoul such as Lotte Seoul Hotel, Fraser Place Namdaemun Seoul, Sejong Hotel, Best Western Premier Kukdo hotel, etc. You can search online to find out the best one. The big hotels also organize great Chinese New Year parties and festivals on this occasion.