Enjoy Summer Vacation in Sao Paulo – Host City of FIFA World Cup 2014

Sao Paulo City

Sao Paulo is measured as the sprawling city that displays the copious confrontations to the sensibilities with its idiosyncrasies and the grey concrete jungle. It is the largest city of Brazil with a population of 20 million in its metropolitan region and is the seventh largest city of the whole universe. It is named in honour of Saint Paul of Tarsus and is now the capital of South-eastern Sao Paulo state. The residents there often called their city as Sampa. Many people think that it is not a tourist place but this article will open their eyes and they will come to know the beauty of Sao Paulo.

Places to Visit in Sao Paulo

One of the tourist places of Sao Paulo is Julius Prestes Cultural Centre that is designed by Christiano Stockler das neves in 1925. In this centre the tourist can see the ornaments of Louis XVI. This building is now the home of symphony orchestra where different sorts of concerts are happened. The tourist who loves to enjoy symphony concerts can go there.

Another place to visit in Sao Paulo is the Weathervane Cultural Science Museum which is appropriate for school children. There the kids can see various types of educational activities based on different subjects like space, geography, wildlife, society and human body. The little ones surely enjoy in these museums because the exhibitions and the subject-wise activities are portrayed in colourful and energetic manner.

Visual Arts Museum of the state of Sao Paulo was established in the year 1897 as a school of art and craft. The Brazilian arts from 19th century until today are all displayed here. The collection of 4000 pieces of Brazilian arts definitely mesmerises the art lovers. The marvellous works of Candido Portinari, Victor Brecheret Tarsila do Amaral, Di Calvacanti and Anita Malfatti can be viewed here. Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil Sao Paulo is an extra baroque jewel art gallery where the tourist can enjoy seeing photography exhibitions, documentary films and theatre dramas.

Ibirapuera Park gives the traveller a feeling of calmness with the green shady trees and the cool ambience. In this park the local people go for morning exercises, the youngsters enjoy bike riding in the bike path and many more things. This park avails different activities for children and adult.

Sao Paulo Brazil – Host City of FIFA World Cup 2014

Arena de Sao Paulo - Stadium for FIFA World Cup

The Arena de Sao Paulo has been chosen to host the Opening Match of Brazil vs Croatia (capital city  of Croatia is Dubrovnik) and will also welcome five other encounters, including one semi-final. Its capacity is 61,606.

Exciting Events and Places for Tourists of Sao Paulo

Samba dance in Bar Samba in Vila Madalena is yet another piece of entertainment. In this exotic bar the travellers get several tasty and intoxicating drinks and food items. On Sunday evening, the tourists can visit the outdoor markets where they would get huge antique and handicraft items of Sao Paulo. The architectural design of the great architect Oscar Niemeyer in many of the famous edifices of Sao Paulo is an eminent attraction for the tourists. Renault theatre and Bradesco theatre are the two foremost stages where well-known dramas are acted by the proficient theatre actors.

Hotels and accommodations

Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera, Hostel Brooklin, WZ Jardins, H3 Hotel Paulista are considered as the exceptional hotels of Sao Paulo where the tourist get the luxurious facilities like indoor pool, well-equipped gym and sauna.  Here travellers can experience various sorts of Brazilian and continental dishes.

All these exciting places and entertaining options along with the scenic beauty reinforce the feeling of a comeback trip in a traveller’s mind. So why waiting? Just pack you bag and get going all the way to Sao Paulo!