Discover San Salvador on New Years Eve 2018

New Years Eve Celebrations in San Salvador

New Year marks the beginning of a new journey. This day is celebrated across the world in different ways. This difference varies highly depending upon the rituals followed by the cultures. While in Japan, people gift children and celebrate the day whereas in Scotland, this day is celebrated as Hogmanay and I characterized popularly by the ritual of visiting relatives and friends after midnight on the eve of New Year. Talking of San Salvador, it is quite interesting to explore the way this day is celebrated here. Not just food, outings and parties, it is also the fireworks in this city which make visiting it during 2018 New Year worthy.

Introduction to San Salvador

Compared to all other capital cities of South America, San Salvador is considered most handsome being surrounded by numerous volcanoes tipped green. The leafy shrubs spread across the foot area of these volcanoes look pleasant while the museums and galleries further enhance this beauty. San Salvador’s greatest asset is its location. Being situated close to the mountains and the ocean, it stands out to be an excellent destination for trips to Panchimalco art village, volcan El Boqueron and other places like Los Planes de Renderos. However while these places make San Salvador a great tourist destination, New Year celebration here too is worth relishing.

How do people celebrate New Year?

People in Sal Salvador start preparing for New Year celebration at least a before a month. Usually the preparation starts for Christmas and continues with New Year. As the clock strike 12 AM -1 January, celebration starts by making resolution for better life in the year ahead. In some places, New Year parades too are organized. This continues with people greeting each other, sharing food, gifts and grooving to the beats. Firework display forms a major part of the celebration and the way these firework displays are put up, is quite appealing.

Hotels and restaurants to visit

Many hotels and restaurants here too make arrangements for grand firework displays and dinner to let you enjoy the day to the fullest. Some of the most prominent hotels in San Salvador are:

El Sopon Tipico

Known specially for its Salvadoran dishes, this restaurant makes your New Year night grand not just by offering you tasty delicacies but also with brilliant fireworks.


This restaurant gained popularity among the foodies for its seafood. On New Year’s Eve, special parties are organized to enhance your mood.

Rustico Bistro

If you want to enjoy your New Year in San Salvador with yummilicious burgers and soft romantic music, then Rustico Bistro is the place you must visit.

El Café de Don Pedro

Are you fond of Salvadoran cuisines? If yes then this restaurant is a must visit for you. On New Year, along with the food you get scope to tap your feet to the melodious beats.

Tipicos Margoth

This restaurant is yet another one known for Salvadoran cuisines and appealing firework displays.

During New Year, all of these restaurants bring in new choices to fill your platter.

Get your backs packed & tickets booked

New Year which marks the beginning of the Georgian Calendar is a festival which is now celebrated by people from all cultures and religions. And as mentioned before, it is celebrated in a different manner by different cities and cultural groups. If you are willing to explore how other places celebrate this day, make visiting San Salvador your first choice. You will surely fall in love with the city once you spend New Year days here. So why wait anymore? Get your tickets booked at the earliest to avoid the rusk.