Enjoy 2017 Christmas Party in Rome with Your Family

Rome in Christmas

If you are a romantic person, want to go somewhere that is extremely romantic then Rome is the ultimate place for you on next coming festival season in Europe. Rome is the famed city of the Roman Empire, the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita (the sweet life), the Vatican City and Three Coins in the Fountain. Rome, the capital of Italy has lots of things to charm you on Christmas 2017 and  New Year 2018 holidays. People of this place organize great events, concerts and many activities for kids as well. It will amaze you totally with its grand Xmas celebration. There are many attractions and celebrations in Rome that you should not miss when you go there with your family.

Celebrations on Christmas

You should know that Christmas is the perfect time for shopping. It is the time when all the shopaholic jump on the stores to buy so many things. Therefore, at first you definitely should visit piazza Navona Christmas Market. Baroque square, a famous place of Rome turns into a big Christmas market in December. You will find anything and everything in this place starting from sweets, toys to gifts. Every year Santa clause comes to this place in order to delight the children. Saint Peter’s Square is another place that should not be missed.

A big Christmas tree placed in this place with beautifully decorated in each year. You will be able to find out a life-size nativity here that covered and people unveil it during the time of Christmas Eve. Millions of visitors come to visit this place and also to listen to the pope’s message. This is an amazing place of Rome that organizes a colourful parade for this special day. Christmas trees are becoming very popular among the people of Rome. Not only in saint peter’s square people organized a big Christmas tree in Colosseum also.

Christmas Celebrations in Rome Italy

Santa Maria Maggiore Christmas crib is the famous place of Rome that has great importance. People believe that the nativity of this place is the oldest scene. Arnolfo di Cambio had carved this scene in the marble during late 13th century. It can be only displayed from the church but now it is in the museum of this place.  This is a great place to watch. If you love art then you will definitely love this.

Get to Rome for Xmas

Most tourists get to Rome by plane on Christmas holidays. Rome has 2 main international airports. Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino International Airport is modern, large, rather efficient and well connected to the city centre by public transportation. However, late-night arrivals may limit you to an irregular bus into town unless you can afford a taxi. Ciampino International Airport is the city’s low-cost airline airport, serving Easyjet, Ryanair , Wizzair and some other flights. Remember to book your air tickets some times in advance.

Hotels on Xmas season

There are plenty of hotels in Rome that offer great services and foods for this special occasion of Christmas. Radisson Blues, Hotel Rome, Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Colors, Kolbe Hotel Rome, Deko Rome Inn are some of the best hotels in Rome. If you are planning to spend you Christmas and New Year in Italy, early hotel reservation is highly recommended.