Explore Portugal on New Years Eve 2018

New Years Eve in Madeira

When it come to 2018 New Years celebration all around the world, Portugal is a country that is surely to be listed in one among the top ranks. The way they celebrate New Years Eve attracts a lot of people who come here to be a part of this auspicious occasion. The unique tradition and culture that are followed here are sure to make you fall in love more and more each day with this place once you spend your time here during this time of the year.

Special About Portugal During NYE

There are many convincing factors that will draw your attention towards Portugal to spend New Years Eve. Some of them are:

  • Unique Rituals – There are some unique and interesting rituals that are followed in Portugal which will surely bring you very close to the culture and heritage of this place and are very unique. One of the funny rituals are that people should wear blue inner-wears during New Years Eve.
  • Lively Spirit – Portugal is famous for the lively celebrations of the New Years Eve. One must eat 12 raisins at the stroke of 12 and make 12 wishes to be fulfilled in the year. There are numerous fireworks and free fiestas organized. People party in the streets and this continues till early morning.

Best Places To Visit on NYE

You will be very confused on which place to visit at this time of the year in Portugal. Each one of these have their own special and unique way of celebrating the new year. Below are some of the best place for NYE in Portugal:

  • Madeira – This might very well be the most preferred destination amongst all of them. Thousands of people gather from all around the world to witness the World Biggest Fireworks Show which lasts for around 10 minutes and also has been recorded in the Guinness Book OF World Records.
  • Lisbon – It is famous for the events organized at some of the best architectural wonders of the country. Praca do Comercio and the Belem Tower are some of the few places among them. Learn more about New Years Eve in Lisbon.
  • Porto – This is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal and you will have a brilliant experience to cruise the rivers along with the breath-taking New Years Eve celebration taking place on the streets and all-round the city. There are some big street dance and party programmes throughout the city of Porto. Let’s discover Porto on New Years Eve celebrations.


If you want to spend your New Years Eve in Portugal, then this article would have helped you make your decision. There are many more attractions to this place that can not be described in a single article and the beauty of this place cannot be described in words. You will have an unforgettable experience and will make memories to be cherished for life. If you have not yet booked your tickets, then do it now since there is a high chance that you might face problems getting hotels and other reservations.