Get festive on St Patricks Day to celebrate old traditions

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

On the day of 17th March, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. This is an Irish festival to remember the good deeds of St. Patrick and celebrate the introduction of Christianity in Ireland.

Born in 385 AD, St. Patrick was a Roman-British in origin. His father was a deacon. ‘The Declaration’ depicts that he was abducted by the raiders from Ireland and taken as a captive for six years. At the age of sixteen, St. Patrick served there as a shepherd. One day, he got a guiding message from the Almighty to flee from the shackles of the raiders. He fled to the coast and boarded a ship to his land. After returning, he found the true aim of his life. He became a priest and eventually returned to Ireland.

His strenuously preached Christianity to the Pagan worshippers of Northern Ireland and symbolized shamrock as the sign of ‘Trinity’. The green color became a symbol of trust in God. Every follower started to wear a shamrock and went to pray under his guidance. Legends say that St. Patrick was responsible for driving away the druids and free Ireland from snakes. The festival is celebrated on his death day since then in many cultures. He spent half of his life to establish schools, monasteries, and churches. The pagans of Ireland go familiar with the concept of Christianity.

Celebrations on this auspicious day

The special day is recognized as a national holiday in North America when every person enjoys with his or her near and dear ones. In Ireland, the day is celebrated to create excitement, innovation, and involvement. The celebrations in the American soil are bigger and brighter. Every street is clad with vibrant colors. People come out in brilliantly colored costumes. The popular color is green. People attire green in order to depict nature, spring, new life and Ireland.

People find their roots back to Ireland on this auspicious day and celebrate with friends and family by eating traditional food and wearing Irish outfits. The national holiday is witnessed with parades and festive performances by artists. Gymnasts, dance troupes, musicians and marching bands, all attired in eye-catching costumes, perform on the streets to entertain the crowd. The entire locality gains a joyful green ambiance. Since the 18th century, this festive day has gained a lot of importance worldwide when people remember the contribution of St. Patrick.

Enjoying the day

You can participate in the parades by taking permission from the parade organization. Design floats and costumes. In this day, friends and family get together and enjoy by organizing a feast. Everyone enjoys the traditional Irish dishes. Drinking on this day is a customary. You can visit a pub and enjoy with your group.

The pub and roads are very crowded which is why many prefer to have a party of their own. This day marks a huge increase in consumer goods sale. Prepare your stocks beforehand to the avoid rush. Enjoy partying at home, dance with the Irish tunes in the parades and make this day memorable.