Oktoberfest- Beer Festival in Germany 2017

Oktoberfest in Germany

The festival is held in September and October every year in Munich. This beer festival is the most famous festival in Germany. More people attend this festival than any other festival in all of Europe. The festival lasts for 16 days and beer lovers from around the world gather to celebrate together. On this occasion about 6 million liters of beer are poured out, enough to fill a small lake or equivalent to a glass of beer for each person in Germany.

October Beer Festival in Germany

During this festival people have a chance to listen to music and enjoy beer with grilled beef, chicken, wild i animals, pork, sausage and white radish cut into strange shapes. History of this festival dates back to October 12 1810, when the future King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of the Saxe-Hildburghausen region.The people who attended this party loved it so much they decided to hold a festival each year in commemoration of the wedding.