Discover New Years Eve 2018 in Vientiane Laos

New Years Eve in Vientiane

Are you planning to visit a city which is most beautiful and relaxing place with lots of cafes and good restaurants to dine and enjoy? Not only you, every tourist and new married couple desire to visit the city which is beautiful with a peaceful environment. Such is Vientiane with most beautiful temples and sights that keep you busy to visit and enjoy the trip. Many people plan their New Years Eve 2018 in Vientiane which is really special and delightful the year long. The choice of Vientiane is due to the crowded and busy New Year celebrations with amazing accommodation, food, dinners and night life that encourages the people to plan a trip to Laos.

Perfect city to plan NYE celebrations

When you stop at Vang Vieng, you can take a wagon ride to Vientiane, which successfully takes less time of nearly 2 hours to reach as the roads in Laos are ridiculously windy. When you visit Vientiane, you get to view the city modern and well planned in contrast to the rest of the country. Many visit the place mainly to celebrate New Year Eve as the charm, architecture, culture and life is what that attracts the people from every corner of the world to have a New Years Eve in Vientiane. Definitely, this New Year 2015 is going to be memorable and joyful as you have booked a trip to Vientiane to enjoy night life and dining in fantastic restaurants in your budget.

Visit the Tiger Beer Event

Christmas in Vientiane

If you are planning your trip to Vientiane between Christmas and New year then a visit to the Tiger Beer Event at Nam Phou Square is going to be the most memorable visit where the music is played as per the choice of the local and foreign audience that are really good and awesome to listen and applaud. In addition to this, food is lip smacking every day for dinner and of course a glass of beer in your budget is completely amazing to try and have fun.

Enjoy every wonder of wandering Vientiane

Luckily, after you get to the city, hardly you have about 20 to 30 minutes to get accommodation at the place if full of luxury and in your budget hotels to check in and begin the day with a tour of the city which is pretty amazing to roam and enjoy every moment. If you are at the point of the main New Years Eve in Vientiane, then you are lucky to view the nightlife with your spouse of friends which is like your dream coming true in reality.

Be a part of the night life

Before others reserve the last tickets to Vientiane, block the dates and plan your awesome and sparkling nights in Vientiane with DJ music and performance all the night long to welcome the New Year with lots of hopes and happiness in your share. Watch the locals shaking legs on the music and making a clear memory of the moment which you too can follow and make your New Years Eve 2017 in Vientiane good, luxurious, wonderful and spectacular beyond your imagination!