New Years Eve 2018 Celebration in Seville

New Years Eve in Sevilla

If you plan to celebrate this New Year at some exotic destinations in Spain, then New Years Eve 2018 in Seville can be your most exceptional choice. Seville is the most charming & beautiful cites of Spain which you can explore in depth during your New Year visit. Seville (or Sevilla in Spainish) is the home to bullfighting, tapas, flamenco. Hence there are a lot of entertainment activities in store for you.


You can celebrate your New Year Eve in Seville, strolling through the historic streets, gazing at heritage sites, hopping into the different restaurant for olive tasting and other delectable Spanish foods. You can also have ticket to the Flamenco show. The Flamenco is a Spanish folk dance and music show which you can enjoy with handclaps (Palmas, singing (cante). dance (baile), and guitar playing (toque). You can spend New Years Eve in Seville at a luxurious hotel. Most of the accommodations here are restored mansions. These traditional structures exhibit their rich culture, grandeur and are in close proximity to the major sightseeing spots of Seville.

Seville is the home to Don Juan, Carmen. Seville is an idealistic place to spend your New Year. You will find the Spanish city cradled in the western Andalucía’s red chalk plains. The Guadalquivir River bifurcate the city into two. Giralda’s towering minaret acts as a testament and welcomes you to know its affluent Moorish past.

Grape eating tradition

You can spend New Years Eve in Seville by visiting the city’s popular and world heritage UNESCO site, Alcazar fortress. You can enjoy looking at the Seville skies filled with vibrant fireworks. The beauty of the Guadalquivir River gets highlighted with these colorful sparklersr. As the New Year approaches, streets get filled by revelers and make the entire atmosphere jubliant. At the stroke of 12 you can follow the Spanish tradition of eating a grape for every chime of the clock.  You can then go on a bar hopping mission tasting your preferred beverages. Many hotels, restaurants host big family meals, in which you can take part and taste the sumptuous Spanish foods.


You can find a good number of luxurious rental accommodations located at the city center. These hotels are built in traditional architectural style, exhibiting the rich Spanish customs. Though at the outset, these structures look conventional they have all the modern amenities inside. These customer friendly accommodations come with spacious airy room with large window, lofty ceiling, and hygienically maintained bath with Jacuzzi, hot and cold shower. Other facilities which you can enjoy are king size bed, TV, uninterrupted 24 hour internet connection. Another significant feature you can enjoy is spending your time at the terrace pools admiring the awesome views of Seville, the cathedral, fortesess, and the Guadalquivir River. You can also enjoy looking at the pictorial cobbled lanes lined with white washed homes. You can also find the almond and orange trees adding splendor to Seville’s beauty.

Other attractions

While celebrating your New Years Eve in Seville some of the other landmarks you can visit are the Torre del Oro (watch tower), Palace of San Telmo (formerly known as the university of sailors),  and the UNESCO sites the  Cathedral and General Archive of the Indies, the repository which portrays the history of the Spanish empire.

How to reach Seville?

Seville is well connected with the capital city Madrid NYE. From Madrid you can easily reach Seville by car, bus, train or by plane. Make this approaching New Year exciting and memorable by taking part in New Years Eve in Seville.