Unique Tradition on New Years Eve 2018 in Madrid

Madrid New Years Eve

Ritual and tradition during NYE

Every country has its own tradition and rituals when it comes celebrating the new year. Even though the essence of the occasion remains the same in every part of the world, some unique rituals make the event special in some places. Spain is one such place which has a few unique rituals which are traditionally followed during the new year. New Year’s Eve 2018 in Madrid is a grand occasion and thousands of people throng the streets of this city on the new years eve.

Tradition of 12 Grapes

Spain has a unique tradition of eating 12 grapes on the occasion of new year. This is an age old ritual which is practiced even to this day and many people take part in the ritual on this day. On New Years Eve in Spain, people prepare 12 grapes for the occasion and eat them as soon the time shows 12 AM. It is said that the 12 grapes represent the 12 months of the year and by eating the grapes on this day at midnight, you will attract good luck and good fortune for the rest of the year. This NYE ritual was started by the King of Spain and it is observed even today across the country.

Tradition of NYE ringing bells

Christmas in Madrid

Another important tradition practiced by the people of Spain on the occasion of new year is the ringing of bells at 12 AM. The Puerta del Sol Square becomes the centre for this ritual in Madrid on the occasion of new years eve in Madrid. On this day, thousands of people gather at this place in Madrid and wait for the bells to ring which symbolises the arrival of New Year. This is a big event and is telecast across the country. People who are not able to visit the place watch this event on television and celebrate the New Year at their place. This event even attracts the tourists who come to Madrid for their vacation. They not only enjoy the occasion, but also enjoy the unique traditions of this beautiful country.

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