NYE 2018 in Koh Phangan with Full Moon Party

New Years Eve in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan (or Ko Phangan) in Thailand is known for the world famous full-moon party. The 2018 New Year’s Eve party of Koh Phangan is the most popular among the parties on the Thailand beaches. Koh Phangan is a naturally beautiful island and there are a lot of private beaches here. Boats and rough jungle trails are the only ways to access the north of the island. November to April is the busy tourist season in Thailand. The Koh Phangan full moon party on the NYE attracts the largest crowd. The party is conducted in and around the Haad Rin Beach.

Those who make their trip to Koh Phangam mainly for the full moon party find out their accommodation near to the Haad Rin Beach. Apart from the full moon party half moon and black moon parties are also conducted here. Koh Phangan is within the gulf of Thailand and one can reach this place by ferry from the mainland. The hotels and resorts in Koh Phangam are booked well in advance for New Year’s Eve party. Those who plan for a holiday trip to Koh Phangan for the NYE may book their accommodation well in advance.

Safari and Waterfalls on NYE

At the time of the NYE, the weather in Koh Phangan is not too good because it is the monsoon season there at that time. There will be occasional rains and wind. However, the weather will be quite comfortable for those who come from cold countries where it will be winter at that time. During the time of the NYE, the weather in Koh Phangan will not be too hot or cold. The climate will be almost perfect but, cool. Paradise Falls and Phangan Safari are the other attractions here. At Phangan, the tourists go for the Elephant Safari. Close to the waterfalls there is a swimming pool in which swimming ropes are provided. Those who want to have a full view of the entire area climb up the rock from the waterfalls and reach the top. Since the rocks are rather slippery, climbing up the rocks is a little risky also. Tourists also visit the Wangsi Waterfalls. One has to walk to reach the falls. On the basin of the waterfalls there is a shallow pond. The basins here are quite enchanting and swimming in the basins is an exciting experience.

Beaches in Koh Phangan on NYE

New Years Eve in Koh Phangan

The tourists who arrive at Koh Phangan on the NYE make it a point to visit the beaches here. Haad Rin is the busiest beach in Koh Phangan. Except Haad Rin the beaches in Koh Phangan are calm and quiet and are ideal places to relax. In Haad Rin Beach, a few places are very beautiful and are quiet also. On the northern tip of Koh Phangan, Ao Chalokam is a fairly large beach. Ao Chalokam beach is known for the diving schools. Ang Thong Marine Park is very near to Koh Phangan and many of the visitors who arrive at Koh Phangan visit the Ang Thong Marine Park also. This marine park offers awesome marine life. This is a favorite destination of snorkelers as well as scuba divers.