New Years Eve 2015 in Canada, North America

If there is any such occasion that brings everybody together, give unparalleled happiness then that is the New Year party. Every corner of the world gets ready with their style, spirit and striking arrangements. Therefore if you are planning to experience one of the best New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Canada and United States (North America) for the upcoming year make your plans as soon as possible. There are many such places in the world that offer brilliant parties, will amaze you by the entire festive atmosphere. Whether you are too busy with your work or not this is the high time that you should utilize your work leave in order to witness the most beautiful sights of the world.

In North America countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with formal parties and family-oriented activities. Xmas and NYE celebrations often center on dropping or raising an item during the countdown, especially on the East coast. New Year’s Day is a public holiday in both Canada and the United States of America.

Popular NYE destinations in North America countries 2017

NYE Time Zones


GMT -5 Baltimore, Boston First Night, New York, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve, Washington DC, Burlington First Night, VT, Alexandria First Night, Atlantic City, Detroit, Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Akron First Night, Philadelphia, Miami, Jacksonville, Key West, Florida Keys, Walt Disney World, Orlando (USA) Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa (Canada)
GMT -6 Chicago, New Orleans, San Antonio, Texas, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Austin, ANY (USA)
GMT -7 Phoenix (Arizona), Vail, Colorado (USA)
GMT -8 Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Disneyland, California, San Francisco, Alaska, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle (USA) Vancouver (Canada)
GMT -10 Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)