2018 NYE Fireworks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong NYE Fireworks

Hong Kong celebrates the New Year’s Eve 2018 with music, concert, fireworks and merry making

Hong Kong is one of the finest tourist destinations. In fact more than 25% of the state revenue is earned from tourism industry. Hong Kong is one of the few nation that experiences continuous inflow of tourist. Especially the frequency increases in a rapid manner from the Christmas until the New Year 2017. In fact the gathering reaches its height during the last month of the year.

Vantage Points for NYE Fireworks

The Victoria Harbor is the prime attraction in Hong Kong. This location alone experiences thousands of visitors on a single night. Last year Hong Kong experienced the best New Year bash in this millennium. The fireworks of 2016 is probably the best till date.

Another popular location for New Year celebration is the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center. The firework displayed here lasts for 10 minutes. The entire Hong Kong waits patiently for this firework display as no other location has firework display that continues for such a long period. The NYE fireworks begin from the barges of the harbor and both sides of the sky scrapper. The range of such display is high and last for long duration.

The Tsim Sha Tsui is another popular location which celebrates the New Year with live concert and music. Many of the viewers reaches this location to view the fireworks of the HK Exhibition and Convention Center.

Firework Displays during New Years Eve in Hong Kong

Just like the Sydney harbor, the Hong Kong harbour also offers unique opportunity to celebrate the New Year from the Harbor Cruise. Hong Kong Harbor Cruise offers special packages exclusively during the New Year’s Eve. However you need to reserve the cruise some months before the occasion.

If you are not satisfied with the longest fireworks in HK Exhibition & Convention Center then do not miss the Hung Hom Bypass. This is another location that is able to accommodates hundreds of visitors and welcomes the New Year with extravagant celebration.

Another popular Hong Kong NYE celebration is the Night parade organized by the local Chinese inhabitants. This usually takes during the evening and ends prior 10 pm. However the party continues until midnight to welcome New Year Day 2018.