Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 in Montreal

Montreal Chinese New Year 2015

The Chinese New Year is often considered as some sort of reunion for the Chinese population all over the world. Those immigrant Chinese people who have to live away from their home celebrate the occasion as a community and the Chinatown of Montreal (Canada) is one such community. If you are planning on a visit to Montreal, then undoubtedly you are about to be a part of a grand celebration.

CNY 2018 in Montreal

Montreal accounts for one of the grandest Chinatowns in Canada – the other three being in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. It is, therefore, very obvious that the celebrations of the Chinese new year in the place is also one of its kind. If you are headed out to Montreal this Chinese New Year, then brace yourself for an unparalleled visual treat, comprising of colourful parades, lanterns and decorations.

If you are in Montreal on the occasion of Chinese New Year, then brace yourself to walk down the red streets of Chinatown, located in De la Gauchetière Street, Saint Urbain Street and St. Lawrence Boulevard. According to the traditional Chinese belief, the red colour is said to bring good luck and this is the reason why you will find the Chinese population dressed in red, gifting each other money in red coloured envelopes and hanging red decorations on their door. You will also witness the Chinese population of the place hanging red lanterns with inscriptions, conveying good luck on them.

Be ready to witness and participate in the Chinese New Year parade, comprising of lion and dragon dance, colourful lanterns and a riot of colours. Expect to see the parade theme to match the animal of which the year is; 2016 being the year of Monkey, you can witness the parade theme customised to include the horse. And not to forget the events organised by the Chinese Community and Cultural Centre of Montreal on this occasion- again a grand celebration.

You could also treat your taste buds with the flavours of china in the various Asian restaurants that are present around De la Gauchetière Street, Saint Urbain Street and St. Lawrence Boulevard. You could help yourself to the flavours of the Pecking Duck, Nian Gao, Bakkwa and the like in restaurants such as Beijing, Little Sheep, MonNan, Noodle Factory and the like. You could also try out the Cantonese seafood, dim sum and the like on the occasion. You will also find the Chinese population gorging on Mandarin Oranges on the occasion as it is believed to bring good luck and fortune.

Hotels for CNY

The Chinatown of Montreal is one of the most vibrant and appealing locations for tourists from all across the globe, round the globe. The Chinese New Year sees a hike in the tourist footfall every year. Therefore, it is better to book yourself an accommodation in advance so as to brace yourself from last minute disappointments. There are a number of lodgings around Chinatown, where tourists can avail lucrative offers for the festive season. Therefore, book yourself in one such place in advance and enjoy Chinese Lunar New Year in Montreal thoroughly.