Miss International 2016 – Exploring Power of Best Event

Miss International 2016

Beauty is the signatures of a remarkable presentation of own self. The international cultural association was organized a beauty pageant held in 1960 in Tokyo. The primary aim of this event is to encourage world peace and good will through this beauty pageant. The pageant was made in California, USA.

Value of Beauty Pageant in the Event

Every year Tokyo based international beauty pageant brings up the best contestants to its glorious event. Tokyo city hall, Japan will be organized the 56th International beauty pageant to crown the success. This Miss International 2016 event will be restrained in the month of October in Tokyo. Many countries took participation in the contest and get the help of Japanese hospitality. Several weeks before the training of the selected contestants get started for the incline. Also excellent expertise in different fields is hired to impart training to the nominees so that confidence can build for the consultation.

Get the Most Out Of This Contest

The contest depends on the voting counts from the public. The winner, announced on the basis of voting only. People’s view is in the limelight of the competition. Find all the information involving the event from online. The nominees from different regions have been taken on the base of height, age and natural endowment. Costume roles a substantial role in this contest .In that respect several rounds to gain up to arrive the ultimate level. The last round is the tough round to complete and achieve the triumph in the competition.

Get Opportunity to Fly High

All the participants of Miss International 2016 are well trained and very confident when faced the interview taken by the panel of cream judges. There are many rounds to show the talents and get different title according to the achievement. The victor of this contest receives wonderful offers to represent the country in several facets. The winner visit different parts of the country to spread world peace and concord. There are many sponsors also for the event who make the show a grand success.

Seize the Most Popular Contest

From fitness to sports every aspect is minutely looking after by the international beauty pageant system. This contest is becoming really famous for its elegance and aura. This competition is one of the best outcomes in the international forum. The introduction of the candidates in wonderful costumes, swim suits and evening gown were choreographed with sublime music and perfect lights.

Celebrate With the Exquisite Crown of Success

The lavish event of Miss International 2016 is conducted for the wonderful cause to convey serenity and harmony in the world through this beautiful contest. The winner of the contest crowned with exotic award and brings the obligation to spread peace in all over the world by visiting different regions of the globe. The world class event is successful for its easy movement. The winner has been cleared all the bouts of competition and final three were taken among many and the winners declared at the final stage and receives a designed crown from a well known judge. This is the most alluring moment for a nominee to conquer Miss International award on a regal effect.

Final Result

Here the list of winners


Miss International 2016
  •  Philippines – Kylie Verzosa
1st runner-up
  • Australia – Alexandra Britton
2nd runner-up
  • Indonesia – Felicia Hwang
3rd runner-up
  • Nicaragua – Brianny Chamorro
4th runner-up
  •  USA – Kaityrana Leinbach