Miss Grand International 2013 Prediction

Miss Grand International Prediction

The final competition of Miss Grand International 2013 will be held today the 19th November 2013 in Bangkok Thailand. On the count down of the crowning event at Thunder Dome Theater, we give here the initial predictions for final winners. This prediction is based on the performance of the candidates so far. We understand that the most important performances are still ahead. So that this is just a guess. You should have your own predictions other than ours, of course.

Top 16 Prediction

  1. USA: Miss Blair Griffith
  2. China : Miss Jie Pan
  3. Lebanon : Miss Elizabeth Ojeil
  4. Mexico : Miss Laura Elisa Alvarez Damian
  5. Dominican Republic : Miss Chantel Martinezt
  6. Philippines : Miss Annalie Forbes
  7. Puerto Rico : Miss Janelee Chaparro
  8. Sweden : Miss Claudia Sundberg
  9. Thailand : Miss Yada Theppanom
  10. Brazil : Miss Tamara Bicca
  11. Venezuela : Miss Mariana Jimenez
  12. Australia: Miss Kelly Louise Maguire
  13. Malaysia : Miss Michelle Madeleine Moey
  14. Canada: Miss Natalie Carriere
  15. Vietnam: Miss Khanh Bich Nguyen
  16. Argentina: Miss Susel Jacquet

Final Winner Prediction

  • Miss Grand International 2013: Miss Janelee Chaparro from Puerto Rico
  • Runner Up 1: Miss Thailand : Yada Theppanom
  • Runner Up 2: Miss Venezuela : Mariana Jimenez
  • Runner Up 3: Miss Philippines : Annalie Forbes
  • Runner Up 4: Miss USA: Blair Griffith

Please be noted that the above are unofficial predictions only. The official results will be updated during and right after the final competition tonight. The event will be live broadcasted from 8:00 PM Bangkok Time GMT +7.

Now live broadcasted on Youtube below