Miss Grand International 2013 Latest Update for Final Results

Miss Grand International 2013

Miss Grand International beauty competition is taking place in Bangkok Thailand for the first time. The final competing section of the contest will be grandly held tonight 19th November 2013 at Thunder Dome theater. There are 71 contestants from countries and territories over the world participating the pageant. Miss Grand International (MGI) aims to become the world’s leading international beauty contest under sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity. The official cause of Miss Grand International, “Stop the War”, was officially launched on Sunday in front of hundreds of members from the local and international media at the Impact Arena Muong Thung Thani.

 Within next 24 hours, the winner will be crowned as Miss Grand International 2013 today. The pageant will be televised on Channel 7 (Thailand) and national channels of the countries that the candidates come from.


Logo of Miss Grand International

Logo of MGI 2013

  • Winner of Miss Grand International 2013: Miss Janelee Chaparro from Puerto Rico
  • Runner up 1: Dominican Republic : Miss Chantel Martinezt
  • Runner up 2: Slovak Republic : Miss Denisa Paseciakova
  • Runner up 3: Philippines : Miss Annalie Forbes
  • Runner up 4: Australia: Miss Kelly Louise Maguire

Top 10 final list

  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Slovak Republic
  • Cuba
  • Latvia
  • Philippines
  • Venezuela
  • Sri Lanka
  • Puerto rico
  • Dominican Republic

Top 20 final list

Miss Puerto Rico MGI 2013

Newly crowned Miss Grand International 2013

  • Brazil
  • Slovak Republic
  • Latvia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Macedonia
  • China
  • Puerto rico
  • Netherlands
  • Pakistan
  • USA
  • Austria
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cuba
  • Zimbabwe
  • Colombia
  • Philippines

Special Awards

  • Miss Popular Vote: Myanmar – Miss Htar Htet Htet
  • Best In Evening Gown: Dominican Republic – Miss Chantel Martínez
  • Best In Swimsuit: Latvia – Miss Kristīne Rancāne
  • Best National Costume: China – Miss Jie Pan

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Top 10 National Costume

China : Miss Jie Pan
Lebanon : Miss Elizabeth Ojeil
Mexico : Miss Laura Elisa Alvarez Damian
Myanmar : Miss Htar Htet Htet
Philippines : Miss Annalie Forbes
Puerto Rico : Miss Janelee Chaparro
Sweden : Miss Claudia Sundberg
Thailand : Miss Yada Theppanom
Turkmenistan : Miss Natalia Vasileva
Venezuela : Mariana Jimenez

Best In Swimsuit Award Top 20 (10  November 2013)

At Pattaya Beach City,Thailand

Brazil : Miss Tamara Bicca
Canada : Miss Natalie Carriere
Cuba : Miss Jamillette Gaxiola
Dominican Republic : Miss Chantel Martinez
Estonia : Miss Evgeniia Forkash
France : Miss Margaux Serenoff
Greece : Miss Anastasia Papatsori
Guinea : Miss Jasmine Sjoberg Sidibe
Latvia : Miss Kristine Rancane
Macedonia : Miss Sandra Stefanovska
Malaysia : Miss Michelle Madeleine Moey
Namibia : Miss Grace Kakhane
Philippines : Miss Annalie Forbes
Poland : Miss Anna Moniuszko
Puerto Rico : Miss Janelee Chaparro
Slovak Republic : Miss Denisa Paseciakova
Sri Lanka : Miss Danielle Kerkoven
Venezuela : Miss Mariana Jimenez
Wales : Miss Sophie Hall
Zimbabwe : Miss Samantha Tshuma

The final results of Miss Grand International 2013 are under updating every minute. Please visit back for latest version.