Celebrate Amazing New Years Eve 2018 In Marseille

New Years Eve in Marseille

New Year is known for a new chapter and a new life. It is celebrated in whole world. If you want to celebrate this coming New Year Eve 2017 in a romantic dinner or a party, firework display and countdown show then come and join one of the most beauteous city in Europe, the Marseille.

Marseille city – an introduction

Marseille is the second largest city in France, after Paris. History reveals that Marseille remained the most important trade centre of the region and functioned as main trade Port of French Empire. On the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is the largest French city and largest commercial port. It is the capital of Provence- Alpes- Cote d’Azur region. The city has a Mediterranean climate known for warm and hot summers with mild and humid winters.

NYE Fireworks in Marseille

The city of Marseille has a unique culture, different from all other French regions. The city is known today for its culture and entertainments by opera house, historical museums, maritime museums, art galleries, cinema, restaurants, clubs and bars.

The city is considered to be a hot spot for tourists with many places attracting the tourism from around the globe. some of the most visited places in Marseille are Old Port of Marseille, Notre- Dame de la Grande, Calanque, Forst Saint Jean, Marseille Cathedral, Palais Longchamp, Abbey of Saint Victor, Stade Velodrome, Frioul Archipelago, Parc Borely, Marseille history museum and many more.

NYE Celebrations

Marseille city says a hello to New Year by throwing parties consisting dance, exhibition, music, theatres, festivals and carnivals. The central Marseille city, displays a brilliant and magnificent, rainbow colored firework display. The party includes music, dance, beautiful lights and excellent water choreography. Marseille Arc de Triomphe also organizes different parties at the New Year Eve.

Christmas in Marseille

Cruise parties are thrown at the coast of the city. These are huge parties with good dinner and an excellent family time. Cruise parties are considered to be the most romantic celebrations of New year Eve, you can dance with your partner for whole night. If you want to have a family dinner and some fun, you can join the celebrations in any of the pub, club or any restaurant around the city because everyone celebrated the party. Many restaurants also arrange musical concerts with live singing local bands. 

Accommodation on NYE

Many hotels are found in Marseille which provide comfortable and economical accommodations. Some of the best hotels in town include SuiteHotel Marseille Euromed, Hotel Carre Vieux Port Marseille, Hotel Terminus- Marseille Saint Charles, Mecure Marseille Centre, New Hotel Vieux Port, Citadines, Lutetia Hotel. Low cost rental apartments are also available. It is recommended to book hotels and accommodations earlier.