Malta International Fireworks Festival 2014 ready to explode

Malta Fireworks 2014 Festival

The annual Malta International Fireworks Festival will take place on the 25th, 26th and 30th April 2014. There are 3 firing places at Golden Bay, Grand Harbour and Marsarlokk area. The festival includes fireworks displays designed by foreign pyrotechnic companies and several top local fireworks factories.

The 2014 Malta International Fireworks Festival is one of biggest tourism event in Malta organized by the Ministry for Tourism and the National Tourism Authority of Malta. This is expected to attract thousands visitors coming to this beautiful country.

The Malta fireworks have a long history which is centuries old. Indeed the craft of pyrotechnics in Malta dated back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John.  The Order which was conventual, aristocratic and military used to celebrate the most important feasts by special pyrotechnic displays. Such fireworks displaying performances were an expression of rejoicing on special occasions, such as the election of a Grand Master or a Pope, or the birth of a Malta prince.

Names of participating teams of 2014 Malta Fireworks Festival and detailed programs will be shortly. If you considering to take part of the event as competing team, the contact the organizer at official website maltafireworksfestival[dot]com

How to get to Malta for 2014 Fireworks Festival

Malta is a southern European country in the Mediterranean Sea. The country is located at 80 km south of Sicily (Italy), 284 km east of Tunisia(Africa) and 333 km north of Libya (Africa). Most visitors get to Malta by seaplane. Regular flights between Valletta Grand Harbour and Mgarr by Harbourair started recently. Remember to book your flight ticket in advance.

Best hotels and Accommodations in Malta on Fireworks Festival 2014

There are more than 300 hotels in Malta will great facilities and service that suite any visitor needs. If you are planning to enjoy 2014 Malta Fireworks, early hotel booking is highly recommended to avoid any peak-time problems.