Celebrate 2018 New Years Eve in London

New Years Eve in London UK

One of the most visited and preferred holiday destinations for celebrating New Year’s Eve has always been London. 2018 NYE parties and events that are organised in London are the most happening and interesting in the whole world. This is the main reason that the capital of the United Kingdom has succeeded in attracting the tourists and travelers from all over the world.

New Year Day parade

Every year the London New Year’s Day Parade offers a show where 10,000 participants from 20 countries perform different shows including cheerleaders, dancers and marching bands. The shows include acrobats , dancers, floats twirl and clowns, all of whom march with drum beats for a 2.2-mile route that begins at the famous Ritz Hotel and goes on passing the Piccadilly Circus, to Lower Regent Street, to the Pall Mall, then through Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, it finally ends at the Big Ben. If you want to experience the entire show with the best view, then the most intelligent thing would be to come earlier to make sure you get the best vantage point. However, the highlight of this parade is ‘The Let’s Help London Challenge’, where different groups perform to be judged by an international panel of judges who provide a prize that goes to a specific charity decided by the winners.

NYE fireworks at midnight

The beauty of the NYE fireworks is very well imaginable covering the entire sky of the city of London. This beauty is no doubt doubled when the lights are reflected on the famous transparent Thames. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you experience the firework and enjoy the beauty from a barge over the Thames. The most important and famous vantage points from where these fireworks can be experienced are at the north of the Thames and the Victoria Embankment and also the bridges such as Waterloo, the eastern Jubilee footbridge and the Westminster. However, another most famous view point is the Millennium Bridge, but of course it has a very limited view point for enjoying the fireworks. Therefore you must secure your place as soon as possible as the best view points are occupied by 9 o’ clock at night. But whether you are with the crowd, or at a faraway place, the fireworks at the London sky beside the Thames is a worth watching experience that cannot be explained by words.

Countdown parties & bars, dance & clubs

If you are not one amongst those who wish to be enjoying the New Year’s Eve in London in the chilly nights to bid the last year goodbye and welcome the New Year with a countdown, then the best way to celebrate is at the numerous bars, pubs and clubs all over the city. These cosy places offer drinks to keep yourself warm in the cold nights and enjoy with your friends and family away from the noise and crowd. However, whatever your choice may be, London has so much to offer that one must spend the New Year’s Eve at London.

Accommodations for NYE

As this is a famous travel destination, London has a full range of hotels for you to choose from. If you are ready to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the capital city of UK, do process now your reservation to get the best location for celebrating activities as well as best NYE hotel booking package.