Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Kaohsiung Chinese New Year 2015

As you all know, New Year is the best time of a year that helps to bring lots of enthusiasm and entertainment in the atmosphere. People eagerly wait for this day to enjoy the day with their family and friends. Many countries celebrate the day in several ways. People of china organize Chinese New Year. It is their biggest ritual and they follow it dedicatedly. Whether you are young or not you will surely be able to have grand parties and enjoy the festival with full entertainment. If you need to spend a real Chinese New Year 2018 in an Asian city where you have never been before, we would suggest Kaohsiung in Taiwan. The second largest city – also known as the Harbor Capital of Taiwan- will has many attractions and CNY celebrations waiting for you to discover.

Chines Lunar New Year and Spring Festival

Most festivals in Kaohsiung are connected with the lunar year and have Chinese significance, such as Chinese New Year and the Birthday of Confucius. Many are colorful events that take place at the shrines and temples in the city, and tourists are always welcome. Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festival on the Taiwan island. Houses are spring cleaned during this time, new clothes are bought and family feasts ubiquitous. The most obvious sign to tourists of Chinese New Year is the constant releasing of firecrackers throughout the city during this time.

Staying in Kaohsiung, you should visit Sanfonzon Street Night Market – a special night market that is open for only five days during Chinese New Years week. The night market will absolutely bustling and easily as busy as Fongjia in Taichung or Shilin in Taipei on a Friday or Saturday night. There will a veritable plethora of different sweets, snacks, spices, teas, meats and toys available at Sanfonzon. With so many vendors selling the same traditional items in one place, the many booths will have varying degrees of advertising tactics, like free samples and balloon animals.

At the end of Chinese New Year, near the Kaohsiung harbor and along the Love River, the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is filled with a variety traditional lanterns and more modern light sculptures, nightly fireworks shows, Taiwanese food stands and other art programs and live concerts.

Get to Kaohsiung

Visitors can arrive in Kaohsiung by air plane. Kaohsiung International Airport (IATA code KHH) is just twenty minutes to the south of the city center. You can also get to the city by train, by car, by bus or by boat.

Accommodations on Spring Festival

Kaohsiung has a full range of hotels that can suite any visitor’s needs. Popular hotels with great facilities and services are Howard Plaza Hotel, Kindness Hotel Qixian, Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung, The Splendor Kaohsiung, The Royal Lees Hotel Kaohsiung, Wen Pin Hotel, 85 Sky Tower Hotel, etc. If you are planning to spend Chinese Lunar New Year in Taiwan, early hotel and flight bookings are highly recommended.