Discover New Years Eve 2018 in Japan

Japan New Years Eve

Island country of Japan -also known as “Land of Rising Sun”- is a beautiful country in East Asia. Japan has many attractive destinations as well plenty of events and activities to celebrate New Years Eve 2018.

There are many traditional customs are observed on New Years Eve in Japan. Traditional activities on New Year’s Eve include watching the popular music program “kohaku uta gassen” on TV and visiting a shrine or temple around midnight. In recent decades, countdown parties have become more numerous in the large cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kansai, Yokohama.

New Year in Japan is a time of year when this modern, high-tech country goes back to custom and tradition. If you are in Japan during New Year, you can join the crowds doing hatsumode, the year’s first visit to a shrine or temple. Hatsumode festivities are held at practically every shrine and temple across Japan during the first dew days of the year, especially on January 1.

At midnight on December 31, Buddhist temples all over Japan ring their bells a total of 108 times to symbolize the 108 human sins in Buddhist belief, and to get rid of the 108 worldly desires regarding sense and feeling in every Japanese citizen. A major attraction is The Watched Night bell, in Tokyo. Japanese believe that the ringing of bells can rid their sins during the previous year. The bell is rung 107 times on 31st and once past midnight. It is also very common to eat buckwheat noodles called toshikoshi soba on the New Year’s Eve.

The first sunrise of the New year is considered to have special supernatural powers. Picking a good vantage point to watch it and pray is a popular practise, as it has been for centuries. Japanese women often use this time of year to dress in colourful Kimono to celebrate, particularly when visiting a temple.

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If you are arranging your trips to discover Japan on Christmas and New Year season, early booking is extremely recommended.