Discover New Years Eve 2018 in Italy

New Years Eve in Italy

To take part and enjoy the Christmas and New Year season in a Europe country should be great ideas for any traveling lovers around the world. If you are planning your trip to Europe on next coming holidays, we would suggest Italy as your destination. Italy or Italia (in Italian language) is a beautiful country in Southern Europe. Italy and Greece are acknowledged as the birthplaces of Western culture. The Roman county is also home to plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. High art and monuments are easily found everywhere around the Roman country.

Being most popular travel destination in in Southern Europe, New Years Eve celebrations are organized grandly in all cities around Italy. Italian people love festivals and the ending of previous year and beginning of new year 2018 is a great time to celebrate in Italy.

NYE Fireworks

Huge NYE fireworks displays celebrate the coming new year  in Italy. Most Italian cities have public displays in a central square but private parties will also include firecrackers or sparklers, too, and will continue for a long time. Naples city or Napoli is known for having one of the best and biggest New Year’s fireworks displays in Italy. Some smaller cities build a bonfire in the central square where locals will congregate into the early morning. If you’re near the coast, lake, or river you will hear boats and ships blowing their horns when New Year coming.

Dancing on NYE

Dancing is also popular and many cities have public music and dancing before NYE fireworks. Major cities like Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, Bologna and Palermo put on huge popular outdoor shows with pop and rock bands. These events are also broadcasted on television.

Italian traditions on NYE celebrations

International visitors of family or public parties are sometimes entertained with “Tombola” game, similar to Bingo. The New Year is also celebrated with spumante or prosecco, Italian sparkling wine. New Years parties, whether public or private, will often last until sunrise in order to watch the first sunlight of the newborn year.

Let’s join the events and activities in main cities in Italy as listed below: