Top 5 Islands for 2018 New Years Eve celebrations

The New Year’s Eve is approaching fast and each one of us wish to record deep in your memories about one of the best night of your life. There are a lot of glamorous destinations in the world where this event takes place. But then again which is the superlative destination for midnight 31st December? To help you plan it properly we have pick for you five best destinations from across the world specifically the best islands on New Years Eve 2018.

Cook Islands, New Zealand

New Years Eve in Cook Islands

Serious socializers can look for a midnight in New Zealand and to the Cook Islands in order to welcome a new year twice. Isn’t that fun to hear? One among the first nations to welcome a new year is New Zealand and  as the Cook Islands is under Wellington’s authority it is among the last on the planet to welcome a new year – as this is on the complete opposite side of the International Date Line.

Hawaii Island

United States consists of a number of islands among which the Hawaii Island is known to be the largest. This huge Island offers a magnificent revelry to welcome the coming year.  There are a number of bay side hotels, resorts and bungalows available in the Hawaii. The New Year’s Eve celebration organized here includes party courtesies, dance melody, the wee hours champagne toast as well as fireworks. The party at twelve o’clock comprises of dancing and a midnight fire burlesque. You also have an option for an exotic dinner with your loved one. Let’s discover Hawaii on New Years Eve.

 Maldives Island

If you are looking for a luxurious New Year event at the sandy seashores Maldives Islands located in the Indian Ocean is the best option. The coastlines, sparkling water and the tropical type of weather makes Maldives one among the finest destinations on earth for celebrating New Year Eve. It includes celebrity concerts by singers, performers and drum players providing the superlative kind of amusement for the inhabitants and the tourists. The households and highways are ornamented with flamboyant lights and at every corner of the island people celebrate New Year’s Eve event whether in a native bar or a bistro. Let’s explore now the NYE events on Maldives Islands.

Bermuda Island

New Years Eve in Bermuda Island

Bermuda Island is located in the British territory at the North Atlantic province of the United States. It is well recognized for its characteristic mixture of the British and the American art, music, and literature. A tropical convention as sought-after as the Times Square Ball Drop is the Onion Drop at Bermuda island celebrations of new year eve is the hot topic of the city, when hundred thousands of people come together in the center town of Saint George as the clock struck 12 underneath the onion ball that hangs down from the highest building of the city and gets down gradually as the clock proceeds towards the new year. Visit this island as early in order to taste the delicious treats available at the foodstuff booths that line up in the boulevards and keep the groove moving to the tune of the local bands performing.

Christmas Island

Christmas Island on NYE

Christmas Island is located in Australia. It is a famous holiday destination also known as Kiritimati is amongst the chief occupied destinations of the sphere where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve. With such a low population New Year’s Eve is a peaceful even like that found at Manali in India. Learn more on NYE celebrations on Christmas Island.

Hence, if someone is seeking out for fun at some island in the far off land during the New Year’s Eve, you can definitely suggest these islands.