2018 New Years Eve in Incheon

Incheon New Years Eve

New Year Eve is also known as Sut dal kum in Incheon situated at North Western Korea. People in Incheon consider the day auspicious as people clean their houses and illuminate it with multi-coloured halogens. In the late afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Incheons purify themselves by taking a bath with hot water and glow bamboo sticks to get rid of the evil demons. According to the Korean conviction, no one should slumber on that night or else the eyebrows would become white. Illumination is kept on all night. The New Year ’s Eve have special significance for the Incheons as they believe it marks the victory of good over evil with all its lustrous accoutrements. Similar to the Chinese and Vietnamese traditions they celebrate New Year’s Eve at the sunset on the date of winter solstice. The New Year’s Eve heralds the Lunar New Year.

Celebrations in Incheon on NYE

In Incheon the celebration on the New Years’ eve is done by drinking a special type of liquor called vsiu balki sool which improves their power of hearing. It is believed to be their old custom to drink this liquor.

They also prepare special dishes to make the day even more special. These special dishes includes garettok, fried meats, fish, a range of  walnut, dates, vegetables, customary cookies, fruits, dried persimmons, etc. They also indulge in kite flying, top spinning etc. Other customs of Incheons include writing the ancestor’s name on a particular kind of paper known as Chi Bang. The custom has continued since time immemorial as the people are steeped in traditions and customs. The custom is said to have given power to the dead ancestors and benedictions to the descendants.

Celebrate with Rave Parties

The city of Incheon becomes lively and vivacious on New Year with plenty of celebration all around. All the popular bars and pubs such as Cheap Shots Bar, Shelter bring DJs with different cuisines and wines to celebrate the New Year. Some of the rave and extravagant parties of the New Year Eve in Incheon  are:

  • Irish New Year’s Eve at O’Malley’s Irish Pub.
  • New Year’s Eve Event at Liquor Burger.
  • New Year’s Eve at Tree Fish.

In the parties, sumptuous meals are served along with wines and alcohol with DJs giving techno flavour and adding up more spice and colour to the events.

Accommodations on NYE

Almost all the popular hotels in Incheon offer lucrative deals and offers at New Year’s Eve to attract the customers all over the world. Orakai Sangdo Park Hotel, Incheon Airport Hotel June, Incheon Hotel Capital are some of the popular hotel that offer attractive discounts if they are booked in advance by the customers. All the hotels are distinguished by their excellent customer support and top class features. The hotels are equipped with all the modern facilities like spas, restaurants and cafes, fitness centres, numerous air-conditioned guest rooms, self-parking facilities etc.