Hoi An Full Moon Festival 2014

Hoi An Lantern Festival

The Hoi An Full Moon Festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month at the World’s heritage ancient town in Central Vietnam. During these nights, Hoi An ancient town switches off its electric lights and shuts down to motorized vehicles and the lanterns go on (that’s why it is also called Hoi An Lantern Festival).  This is a magical festival and gives you a glimpse of what life may have been like when Hoi An was a booming and affluent port 400 years ago.

1. Calendar

Hoi An Full Moon Festival dates 2013 are listed below:

25 January 2013 21 July 2013
23 February 2013 19 August 2013
25 March 2013 18 September 2013
23 April 2013 18 October 2013
23 May 2013 16 November 2013
22 June 2013 15 December 2013

Hoi An Full Moon Festival dates 2014 are listed here:

14 January 2014 10 July 2014
13 February 2014 09 August 2014
14 March 2014 07 September 2014
13 April 2014 07 October 2014
12 May 2014 06 November 2014
11 June 2014 05 December 2014

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2. Activities

The Hoi An Lunar full moon festival activities recall the real life of Hoi An people over 4 centuries ago. Some groups of the Hoi an old men play the Chinese chess in front of their houses on the street, the local people & the young couples go around the city under the moonlight to feel their hope & enjoy the life. As you battle your way through the crowds on the street, you’ll be rewarded with bands playing bamboo flutes, drums and fiddles, as well as traditional games. On the banks of the Hoai River young men and women exchange folk songs. You will feel the life very worthy for living when you join the lunar lantern festival in Hoi An ancient town.

3. Hotels and Accommodations in Hoi An

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