Hari Raya 2015 in Brunei

Hari Raya Celebration in Brunei

Located close to Malaysia and Indonesia, Brunei is considered a Muslim country and as such, Hari Raya is one of their most important holidays. Just like in other mostly Muslim countries, the month of Ramadan is spent in Brunei by fasting from food, drink and all other comforts from sunrise to sunset. The month of Ramadan in Brunei is very active with people setting up stalls to sell their traditional pastries, fruits, cakes all around the National Stadium as well as in Gadong. This is also a great time to find the best prices for local dishes and cakes.

In Brunei as it is in other Muslim countries, the end of Ramadan is Hari Raya and a time for celebrating. In the early morning, all people gather at all the mosque throughout the country for prayers. After the prayers, families gather to ask forgiveness from all their loved ones. From that day on, all Bruneian people will be dressed in traditional clothing of dashing colors and visiting with family and friends. The Bruneian people make special festive dishes for Hari Raya that include Ketupat or lontong, which is rice cakes in coconut or banana leaves, Satay, which is chicken, beef or mutton kebabs, Rendang, which is spicy marinated beef and many other delicious and tantalising dishes.