Happy New Year Facts Cleared For You

New Years is a favorite time for all people all around the world and people just love to celebrate the time with friends, family, and loved ones. People book for vacations with families, and call for never-ending parties with friends. New Year gifts online are sold like hot cakes because everyone is busy wishing each other with some best gifts so that a new year can be started with new fervor. Who wants to remember the past aches and agonies? It’s always great to forget the past and lead ahead with blessings of time.

Happy New Year Gift Cards

But before you move ahead, learn some of the fun facts about New Years.

  1. The ancient Babylonians were the initiators of this Happy New Year’s festival at least 4000 years ago. So, we have really a history of celebration behind us.
  2. The National Insurance Crime Bureau exposed the fact that more number of vehicles are stolen on this New Year’s Eve. Because people may be busy partying and boozing without caring much about the security. So, take care of your assets around this time of the year.
  3. If the topmost three places of the world has to be spotted that sees a massive celebration during New Years, they have to be New York, Las Vegas, and Disney World. So, send a ticket to any of these places for your sweetheart as a New Year gift online.
  4. One of the delirious fun fact for you to know is – Italians wear red under garments on the New Year day so that good luck is showered on them all round the year.
  5. People form Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia, make a large doll and name it “Mr. Old Year”. They stuff it with mementoes or gifts or pictures from the last year. Basically all those things or memories that needs to be sabotaged right away are put into this doll and clothed in a dress of the last year. Then at midnight, it is burnt so that they get rid of all the bad things and memories. That reminds us of Dusshera and Janmaashtami.
  6. In the Roman Empire, New Year was celebrated on 1st
  7. Generally the song Auld Lang Syne is sang during the New Year’s Eve. Do you know what does that mean? It means “times gone by”. It was penned by Robert Burns in 1788.

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