Enjoy New Years Eve 2018 in Guadalajara

New Years Eve in Guadalajara

New Year Eve celebration in Mexico is mostly a homely affair.  Families here prefer staying indoor on this day and spend the night chit chatting and having food with their near and dear ones. However though this is the scenario observed mostly throughout the country, there are people in some places like Guadalajara, who come out and enjoy the day visiting to various places and clubs, enjoying the yummilicious delicacies and firework displays. Street parties are quite common in this Mexican city. Every street of the city seems to be in a partying mood.

Markets gets dressed up to meet the tradition

Talking of the markets, they get enough for satisfying the demands of the people too conscious about adhering to the traditions such as eating 12 grapes during midnight, wearing red underwear to gain luck in all matters related to love. For those willing to gain luck in all matters related to finance, yellow is the color of the underwear to worn. Along with it, traditional foods are a must for the people. The must have traditional food for New Year Eve in Guadalajara is Bacalao which is a dried salted codfish rehydrated and finely prepared with green olives and fresh chillies, banuelos- crispy Mexican wafers and tamales- corn paste finely flavored with sweet and spicy ingredients.

Welcome 2018 New Year with Guadalajara

Midnight NYE Fireworks in Guadalajara

Throughout the whole year, a number of festivals are celebrated in Guadalajara for entertaining and attracting visitors across the world. New Year is one among them. No just in Guadalajara but throughout Mexico, New Year’s Eve is a grand holiday. This day is celebrated in this Mexican city with grandeur. Streets get filled with people dancing to the music floating in the air. Firework displays further enhance the ambience.  People also walk in parades throughout the city greeting people good luck for the days ahead. Food and drinks form an inseparable part of the celebration.

Relishing NYE with Mexican restaurants

There are many restaurants across the city which gets dressed up beautifully creating a party ambience for you to enjoy this New Year eve. While some organize grand dinner and firework displays, others make arrangement for either a rock concert or some other events for entertaining you. Along with partying, people also visit the Guadalajara Cathedral for offering prayers to the almighty. Other prominent places of interest in this city such asTeatro Degollado, Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres, Templo Expiatorio del Santisimo sacranmento, Parque Agua Azul all gets dressed up for welcoming the New Year.

More amazements to be unfolded

It is true that you cannot enjoy the actual essence of celebrating your New Year Eve at the fullest without having tequila, rompope or ponche. Welcoming the New Year breaking a piñata is also popular among people here. Another amazing tradition you get to witness here is the throwing of coins by members holding a stout position in the local community. These coins- (troy silver ounces) are gathered by the children for spending these in New Year. On a whole, it can be said that tripping to Guadalajara during New Year is a great choice not just for exploring the traditional ways of celebration here but also hotels offer discount schemes to their clients. Hence you get to enjoy a short and pocket friendly trip.