Explore Genoa on New Years Eve 2018

NYE Fireworks in Genoa, Italy

Genoa is one of the largest cities in Italy and the New Year Eve celebration in Genoa is characterized by a large number of variety events. The Palazzo Ducale Museum in Genoa celebrates 2018 NYE in a grand manner. The New Year Eve dinner at the museum is arranged by the Dispora Mentelocale Bistrot restaurant and features various delicious Italian dishes like pandoro, panettone and cotechino, Salmon in the Paris style, champagne with shrimps and foie gras. The best Italian wine varieties such as prosecco and spuante are served in all the New Year Eve parties and almost all the parties – public and private – continue till the dawn of the New Year. During the New Year Eve celebrations, people in Genoa make it a point to wear red underwear as they believe that it will bring them good luck during the year ahead.

Exhibition at Palazzo Ducale Museum

The New Year Eve Exhibition in the museum will start at 7.30pm, just an hour before commencement of the dinner. The exhibition remains open till 2am and at midnight Champagne will be served to celebrate the birth of the New Year. Numerous avant garde and Impressionist paintings will be displayed. They include many Picasso masterpieces and Impressionist paintings from the Detroit Institute of Arts.

101 violins concert

The 101 violins concert commences at 10pm. This is an open-air concert performed by 101 professional violinists from different parts of Italy and Europe. They perform classical as well as rock from Bach, Vivaldi, Tom Waits and Nirvana. The concert is directed by the well-known director of the Genoa Film Festival, Cristiano Palozzi. The soloist-cum-composer of international fame Giovanni Ricciardi is the music director. The star musicians who participate in this concert include Riccardo Agosti, Federico Romano, Sandro Laffranchini, M Flaksman, Massimo and Sergio Patria. Those who purchase a full package of paintings from the exhibition are entitled to watch this concert which will be held in the Piazza Matteotti. They can also watch the violinists visiting the art collections from 9am onwards.

Ferrara & new labyrinth

The historic Ferrara will become the stage for “Estense Castle Fire”. The event which is held in the municipal theatre is a Grand Gala dedicated to Filippo Di Pisis and Giovanni Boldini. The artworks of Franco Maria Ricci and the exhibit known as “Art and Madness of Ligabue” will be exclusively displayed in the museum rooms.

The wines that are served for the dinner are chosen by Paolo Tegoni Those who want to see the newly built labyrinth can go by the lantern light. They stop at the pyramid where mulled wine is served.

In the public as well as private parties that are organized in Genoa on NYE, the guests are entertained with a traditional game known as “Tombola” which is very similar to Bingo.

NYE Fireworks

The birth of the New Year is celebrated by the spectacular midnight fireworks display. The display of the public fireworks and the fireworks by various private parties will last for some time. Genoa has one of the best and largest fireworks in Italy on the New Year Eve. Public music and dancing also will be there before the fireworks.

Watch Fireworks online

Those who miss to watch the NYE fireworks display in Genoa have various options to watch the live streaming online. The various news channels in Italy broadcast the glimpses of the latest New Year Eve events in Genoa. The videos of the Genoa New Years Eve can be watched on the popular video sharing websites.