Gardens by the Bay of Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore


Less than five minutes on foot from Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay features three bayside gardens that total of 101ha and are home to over 250,000 rare plant species from all over s the world. Since its launch in 2012, these gardens a have not only garnered numerous design and architectural awards but also warm reviews from visitors thanks to their diversity and beauty. The focus of the garden is Supertree Grove, nestled in South Bay. Supertree Grove features giant artificial trees of up to 16-stories high that serve as gardens and are designed to conserve rainwater, generate solar power and work as ventilators for the greenhouses a conditioning over system. Over 162900 trees of 200 species as well as orchids, ferns and vines are grown a dens over and Supertree Grove, making this manmade site more lively and environmentally-friendly.

Visitors eager to discover species from the Mediterranean or semi-arid regions of the tropics should not miss the Flower Dome, a greenhouse spanning 1.2ha that is air conditioned to suit the crisp and moderate climates of these introduced species. Hundreds of flower species and cacti, century-old olive trees from the Mediterranean, and giant baobabs were all delivered to the world’s largest greenhouse.

Another greenhouse, Cloud Forest, offers a totally different experience with a waterfall in the centre and a 35m-high mountain enshrouded by thick clouds. The temperature and humidity levels are the same as those found in the tr highlands at 2,000m above sea level, offer visitors deep insight tropical flora into diverse The habitats are divided into different layers from the lowest the to the highest floor at the top of waterfall.

On the New Years Eve, Gardens by the Bay is one of the best place to watch NYE fireworks in Singapore.