Christmas 2017 in France with Greatest Celebrations

Christmas in France

Holidays are the best part of life. Going far away from the everyday life and enjoying few special days with family or friends are something that everyone wants to experience. Celebration brings a new start for lives that eventually help everyone to think something new, wish something fresh and dream about something that is new and fresh. If you are planning to spend your Christmas holiday in the most romantic and festive places in Europe, France should be your best destination. In France, Christmas is a time for family and for generosity, marked by family reunions, gifts and candy for children, gifts for the poor, Midnight Mass, and of course, le Réveillon.

Christmas Decoration

In France, a Nativity crib is often used to help decorate the house. French cribs have clay figures in them, not wooden ones. During December, some towns and cities such as Marseille, Lyon or Paris Christmas have fairs that sell Nativity figures. As well as having the normal Nativity figures in them, French scenes also have figures such as a Butcher, a Baker, a Policeman and a Priest.

French Santa Claus

In France, Santa Claus is called Père Noël (Father Christmas). In eastern France he is accompanied by Le Pere Fouettard, a man dressed in black. He might be the same person as Zwarte Piet in Holland.

Le Réveillon

Le Réveillon is a symbolic awakening to the meaning of Christ’s birth and is the culinary high point of the season, which may be enjoyed at home or in a restaurant or café that is open all night. Each region in France has its own traditional Christmas menu, with dishes like goose, chicken, capon, turkey stuffed with chestnuts, oysters, and boudin blanc (similar to white pudding).

French Christmas Desserts

Another celebration, in some parts of France, is that 13 different desserts are eaten! All the desserts are made from different types of Fruit, Nuts and Pastries.

France Christmas Market

Christmas Markets in Paris

Christmas Markets in France otherwise known as marché de noël, provide a great opportunity for a winter weekend break. They exude a fantastic atmosphere and offer great shopping opportunities but with a Gallic flavour  – not to mention replenishing wine stocks for the Christmas season. Our list of markets provides just a cross-section. Most towns and cities host a French Christmas Market at some point between late November and the end of December.

Hotels on Christmas

As one of the most popular destinations in Europe, hotels and accommodations always suites any visitor’s needs. It is very easy to find a hotel in France with great services and facilities. If you have decided to spend your up coming  Christmas in France with family or friends, remember to book the air tickets and accommodations earlier to avoid any problems.